A Splash of Green, Barbiecore and Reading Nooks

As we’re reaching the end of July, it’s come to the time of the month where we share our favourite articles that we’ve read over the past few weeks. Barbie well and truly took over this month and we loved embracing all things pink! It’s therefore no surprise to see an article on the Barbiecore décor trend in our write up. This month, two of our favourite articles were from House Beautiful and the other was a blog post from Decoralist. Keep reading to find out more…

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House Beautiful – Green living room ideas: 21 ways to decorate with green

We love green here at jmm PR (if you couldn’t tell by our logo), we even selected a beautiful green carpet for our office when relocating last year! That’s why, when we saw this article from House Beautiful, we instantly knew that it would be a good read and we certainly weren’t disappointed. The piece includes 21 ways to decorate your living room with green, as well as sharing expert tips on combining green shades with other colours. Our favourite thing that we picked up from the article was advice on how to add pops of nature-inspired tones if you’re looking to achieve a more minimalistic feel, such as opting for a green velvet sofa or introducing indoor plants into your space.

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Green is such a versatile colour and can be used across all areas of the home. It also complements a range of interior design styles and themes, and can be paired with a wide range of other colours to create a calming, stylish and cosy atmosphere. We were particularly drawn to the idea of pairing green floral wallpaper with dusky pink coloured accessories which, according to the article, is ideal for creating a retro or Art Deco feel.

If you love green as much as us and have incorporated the colour into your interior design, we would love to know how (paint, wallpaper, accessories, plants), and in what room? Let us know in the comments.

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Decoralist – “Barbiecore”: Live Like Barbie With Dreamy Homewares

Barbiecore has been a popular trend over the past year, in fact one of our favourite articles from July 2022 was all about the Barbiecore aesthetic. However, this trend has really accelerated now thanks to the new Barbie film! We’re seeing the hot pink colour associated with Barbie everywhere (and we’re totally here for it). But it’s not just about pink as Decoralist explains in its blog post: “Barbie’s home is cohesive using a variety of different colours such as whites, greens, pale blues and pinks to draw her spaces together. The walls are neutral, allowing for the furniture and accessories to shine and we also can’t help but notice the use of timeless materials, such as rattan and wicker.”

We love the beach themed bedroom (pictured) included in the Decoralist blog post. It was created by Interior Designer, Jennifer Hunter, who explains how it “celebrates the beach lifestyle that Barbie is so famous for without being too over the top.”

What do you think to the Barbiecore trend? Is anyone fully embracing the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse?!

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House Beautiful – 11 inviting reading nook ideas

Our third article choice this month is another one from House Beautiful! Nothing beats cosying up with a good book, and we absolutely love the idea of creating a special area in the home where you can relax, unwind and get lost in the pages of your latest read. Not only this, a reading nook is also a great way to utilise small spaces within the home that would otherwise be left empty, such as the area under the stairs or in the corner of a room. In this article, House Beautiful provides 11 brilliant top tips on creating your own reading nook, including ideas on the best colour schemes to opt for, as well as suggestions to make the space as comfortable as possible!

Any bookworm will know that having plenty of light is essential for a reading nook. That’s why, according to the article, positioning your reading nook by a window is great to create a light and airy reading space. Also, House Beautiful states that “when it comes to decorating your reading corner, soft furnishings are a must.” Plenty of pillows, throws and blankets will help the area feel cosy and inviting, while adding a sense of depth too.

Do you have a special area within your home for reading? Let us know your favourite spot to cosy up with a good book!



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28th July 2023


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