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AM Labels Limited Introduces New Range of Linerless Label Printers

AM Labels Limited (AM Labels), an award-winning supplier of complete labelling solutions including manufacturing and warehouse automation, barcoding and RFID systems, has expanded its portfolio with the inclusion of a new range of linerless label printers. The range has been introduced in response to increasing consumer and industry demand for sustainable labelling solutions that reduce the amount of waste generated during the printing process.

The liner, or backing paper, is a material that is difficult to recycle and consequently often ends up in landfill. Traditionally, the liner of a label is a layer of silicone-coated material, which allows the label to be released from the roll. This is then discarded and disposed of once the label has been applied. Alternatively, linerless labels are treated with a silicone release coating on the face of the label stock, replicating conventional backing paper and enabling them to be easily peeled from the label roll.

AM Labels has introduced three linerless label printers to its portfolio from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers; the Bixolon XL5-40, the Epson TM-L100 and the Toshiba BV420D-GL. As a silicone label liner is not required with any of these models, zero backing paper is sent to landfill, helping businesses to improve their carbon footprint and environmental credibility.

The Bixolon XL5-40 linerless desktop direct thermal label printer is a compact yet robust model that offers print speeds of up to six inches per second (152 mm/s). Thanks to its two long-lasting platen rollers, the XL5-40 can reduce the likelihood of label jams or curls in the material. Furthermore, this model offers increased levels of flexibility, enabling users to print media lengths from between 30 mm to 1,000 mm. In addition to being ideal for a variety of applications including warehousing requirements, mobile price markdowns, weight scale labelling and shelf-edge labelling, the 203-dpi Bixolon XL5-40 further benefits from a four-inch print width (up to 108 mm), guillotine cutting system and a peel-off sensor. A 300-dpi model is also available (XL5-43) for businesses that require labels with a higher print resolution, which is ideal for small or fine text.

AM Labels has also added the liner-free Epson TM-L100 to its portfolio, a thermal label printer that has been specially designed for businesses operating in retail or hospitality environments, including supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, food delivery and catering companies. In addition to benefitting from a 203-dpi resolution and print speeds of up to 160 mm per second (6.3 inches per second), the TM-L100 can support a wide range of media, producing high quality labels without the use of backing paper. Thanks to its embedded ePOS capability, the TM-L100 can be easily integrated into existing POS systems, while benefitting from Bluetooth, Serial and Ethernet connectivity. This model can support label roll widths of either 40, 58 or 80 mm. An optional wall mounted unit is also available with this model for businesses with limited surface space, and the compact printer further features a silicone laminate surface for improved cleanability, making it ideal for use in kitchens or retail environments.

The Toshiba BV420D-GL linerless label printer, part of the BV400D Series, is the third linerless model that AM Labels has introduced. The BV420D-GL combines market leading print speeds of up to seven inches per second (177.8 mm/s), a maximum print width of up to 99 mm and a maximum roll width of up to 102 mm. With a compact yet robust design, this 203-dpi model can be easily integrated into a range of environments, thanks to its intuitive user experience, range of standard interfaces and optional Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Furthermore, the BV420D-GL is ideal for use in retail or office environments, while offering a low total cost of ownership, meaning both the initial purchase price of the printer and the price of its consumables are cost effective.

To accompany the three new linerless printers that have been added to AM Labels’ portfolio, the company can also provide labels of varying widths, to complement each model. In addition to benefitting from a strong adhesive, linerless labels also offer increased protection against water and scuffing, compared to standard direct thermal labels. Furthermore, many linerless labels feature a dry edge, reducing the chance of label jams and helping to prevent adhesive build-up.

Brendon Bass, Sales and Marketing Manager, AM Labels Limited says: “We are always looking to expand our portfolio with the latest innovations and developments in the industry, and we are therefore delighted to announce our new range of linerless printers. Our customers are increasingly looking for more environmentally friendly labelling methods and materials, and linerless label printers offer a wealth of benefits to businesses. In addition to being more sustainable, accommodating a greater number of labels per roll and requiring fewer changeovers, linerless labelling reduces production downtime, boosts productivity and increases savings.

“Thanks to our new range of linerless printers, we can now offer our customers more sustainable alternatives to conventional label printing, all of which can provide high quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions to the production of labels for a variety of industries and applications.”

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  1. Brendon Bass, Sales and Marketing Manager, AM Labels Limited
  2. The Bixolon XL5-40 is a compact yet durable linerless label printer
  3. The compact Epson TM-L100 can support a wide range of media types
  4. The Toshiba BV420D-GL linerless printer offers a small footprint and sleek design, with print speeds of up to seven inches per second


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