AM Labels Secures UK Distribution Of Anytron Digital Label Printing Systems

AM Labels Limited (AML), the labelling, bar coding and software solution specialist based in Northamptonshire, has obtained UK distribution of Anytron colour label press machines.

Designed to fill the gap in the market for higher volume, professional labelling solutions, the Anytron range is comprised of innovative machines suitable for variable printing, with a multitude of industrial applications. The digital, toner-based printers make producing high-resolution, colour labels a simpler, more affordable process that eliminates the issues of other printers on the market.

The first digital colour label printers to be introduced to the UK Anytron range are the any-001 with advanced features such as duplex (double sided) operation, and the entry level any-002 with the same exceptional print quality. Capable of producing up to 5,000, high quality colour labels within two hours, the convenient digital printers promote easy label printing in the office without the need for professional technicians. Anytron printers support a wide range of paper and synthetic materials, while utilising high-capacity toners and drums in order to optimise productivity and keep costs minimal.

Tony Mariani, Managing Director, for AM Labels, says: “It is an exciting challenge to take on the UK distribution of Anytron, and one we have invested in heavily. Being such unique models within the market, the any-001 and any-002 digital label press machines are an excellent introduction to the range, and epitomise the brand’s innovative design, advanced technology and practical features. We intend to expand the range and bring further new and pioneering models to the market throughout the year.”

For more information about the Anytron digital label printing system, please call AM Labels on 01536 414 222 or visit


Image caption: AM Labels takes on sole UK distribution of the Anytron digital label printing range.

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28th April 2015



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