What is ATAG’s Easy Flame Control? Quite simply the answer to every consumer’s safety concerns about gas hob cooking, and the future of gas hob design.

Merging the functionality and ease of use often found on induction hobs with the drama and precision of gas hobs, Easy Flame Control is a market-leading safety control system that enables all burners on an ATAG gas hob to be instantly extinguished with one touch of a button.

Cooking is rarely a smooth process, and should the consumer be interrupted – perhaps by the doorbell, or a ringing telephone – ATAG’s ultra-efficient Easy Flame Control provides immediate safety and peace of mind for the consumer. They simply press the central on/off button, and all burners are turned off immediately, removing any risk of overcooking, boiling-over pans or burnt food.

This button also streamlines ignition of the hob, removing the need to hold down a control while igniting the gas. Just press once, and then manage the different burners individually. The Easy Flame Control button also activates the child lock. Further benefits include a cooking time limiter that ensures the gas supply is turned off automatically after six hours, truly positioning ATAG as the specialist in gas hob technology with benefits that promote every aspect of the cooking process.

Introduced by ATAG, the leading Dutch brand for stylish and technologically advanced built-in kitchen appliances, Easy Flame technology is available on four of the company’s gas hob models in its 2011 range, including the Red Dot award-winning HG9711CB five zone gas hob.

Bill Miller, Sales and Marketing Director at ATAG, says: “ATAG is Europe’s leading manufacturer for introducing superior gas hob technology, and this outstanding feature raises the bar again. Easy Flame Control is so simple to use, intelligent and provides ultimate peace of mind, all at the touch of a button. This feature ensures the gas hob will remain a favourite cooking method for years to come.”

For more information about ATAG’s UK range of built-in gas hobs, or the Easy Flame Control, contact your Area Sales Manager or visit the website for details at or call ATAG UK on 020 8247 3993.


Image Caption: ATAG’s innovative Easy Flame Control is found on four of the gas hobs in its 2011 range, including the Red Dot Award winning HG9711CB.

15th September 2011

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