ATAG appliances at EuroCucina

ATAG, the Dutch company famous for its technologically advanced built-in kitchen products exclusively available to the kitchen specialist, has a selection of appliances on display during the EuroCucina 2012 exhibition in Milan, as part of a launch by Wrap Spaces.

Five unique ATAG products will be on display; the CombiMax combination oven, CaféMax coffee machine, an induction hob, built-in refrigerator and XXL dishwasher. They will be incorporated into a new kitchen collection by Dutch brand Wrap Spaces, to be launched during EuroCucina, which runs from 17th to 22nd April 2012. Wrap Spaces aims to create ‘a kitchen that you can’t see when you’re not using it but which is there when you need it’.

Wrap Spaces creates modular kitchen systems that can be tailor-made to offer a personalised multi-functional living space where the consumer can cook, eat, work and live. Exceptionally well-thought out, these kitchens are fixed to the wall, retaining space above and below the system, while requiring just one connection point for water and electricity. Units and appliances can be covered when they are not in use for a seamless appearance, creating a flowing living space as opposed to defined room areas.

Bill Miller, ATAG’s Sales and Marketing Director, says: “Wrap Spaces selected the ATAG brand as it perfectly complements their unique kitchen concept, helping to create a stylish and impressive kitchen of a premium quality. The EuroCucina exhibition in Milan is the ideal time to launch such an exciting concept, and it is sure to be very well received.”

The Wrap Spaces concept will be on display at:
Via Tortona, 12
20144 Milan
Open: 10.00 – 18.00

For further information about ATAG appliances please call your Area Sales Manager or ATAG on 0208 247 3993 or visit the website at


Image caption: ATAG appliances in a Wrap Space kitchen

12th April 2012

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