ATAG Launches New Matrix Line Gas Hobs With Electronic Safety Features

Top quality manufacturer ATAG has started 2010 in style with the introduction of a genuinely innovative and distinctively designed range of gas hobs that fit perfectly into the overall kitchen concept.

Now a product sector in their own right, hobs represent an ever widening market where the choice of design and formats is plentiful. It takes a special product indeed to stand out from the crowd.

With its fresh and imaginative new Matrix Line, ATAG has produced an exclusive portfolio of three gas hobs in stainless steel or graphite black, with special performance features in a streamlined, low-profile design that is a delight to the eye. Dove-tailing with these superb designs is the latest technology in terms of quick, efficient and safe cooking. The result is a product that underlines ATAG’s position as the gas hob cooking specialist.

Much thought and research has gone into the design of the hob grid, which has very wide cast iron pan supports that extend over the entire width and depth of the gas hob to maximise the cooking area, as well as streamlining the appearance of the gas hob.  There is plenty of space and room to manoeuvre too, as the burners are always positioned at a maximum distance from each other.

The new hobs are equipped with ATAG’s famed and environmentally friendly A+ burners. These burners produce a perfectly adjustable pure flame, which not only provides a very high output with flexible heat bandwidth, but also burns as cleanly as possible.  They also boast tremendous speed bringing water to the boil two minutes quicker on average when compared to other burners.

The powerful larger burner for woks, large pans and frying pans is always positioned at the front so that users can actively cook with these types of pans both comfortably and safely. Other burners are similarly placed with strategic thought and care.

A new and exciting development is the ‘Electronic Easy Flame Control’ safety device.  The illuminated control sited centrally on the hob control panel is an ATAG unique feature.  The automatic ignition is an innovative method to operate the gas hob burners. Never again do you have to keep a button pressed to ignite a burner; the clever illuminated button ignites any burner with one light touch, then each burner is controlled independently. The added benefit of the new system is that should the telephone or door need answering, and you wish to delay cooking, simply touch the central control button and it switches off all burners at once! This control is also a child safety device and will lock the hob safely.

The automatic re-ignition system also has added advantages. Should the flame on the burner be extinguished the burner will automatically re-ignite at the same setting you programmed initially. For additional safety on this new range there is a cooking time limiter, which means that should the gas burner be inadvertently left on, it will turn off automatically after six hours.

ATAG’s Sales and Marketing Director, Bill Miller says: “With our new Matrix Line, we have produced a stunning range of quality gas hobs that combine pioneering technology with superb ergonomical design. Everything has been done to make gas cooking a joy for the user, with safety and flexibility being among the key factors. These are very special and distinctive appliances in a crowded market of similarly styled products.”

Key benefits of the ATAG HG9711CB/HG9792CB new Matrix Line gas hob:

  • Top of the range 900mm model
  • Styled in stainless steel or graphite black hob base and streamlined cast iron pan supports
  • Logical burner arrangement to afford ample space by having the wok burner on the left hand side
  • 4.5kW wok burner situated on the left; 3kW large burner, two 2kW burners and a simmer burner extending from 0.26 to 1kW
  • ATAG’s famed A+ burners with high heat band width for economy, speed and efficiency
  • Electronic Easy Flame control: for easy one touch ignition and to simultaneously turn burners off when required
  • Centrally positioned on/off button with illuminated circle for hob status indication
  • Automatic re-ignition to the same setting as programmed
  • Cooking time limiter – should the burner be left on for longer than six hours it will automatically extinguished
  • One-piece Flex®- enamel burner caps and Keradur enamel base for heat and scratch resistant finish and easy cleaning
  • Installation dimensions: 860 mm width x 490 mm depth x 30 mm worktop depth required

For further information on ATAG’s new Matrix Line of gas hobs, please call your Area Sales Manager or ATAG on 0208 247 3993 or visit the website at


Image caption: Streamlined and low-profile design with the latest electronic technology that come together with ATAG’s new Matrix Line of gas hobs.

12th January 2010

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