ATAG Max compacts create Max impact!

Whether it’s Grand Designs or Property Ladder that floats their boat, most people have one thing in common when it comes to the all important kitchen. They want to put their own mark on it, and that requires appliances that offer maximum flexibility along with first class design and technology.

Premium built-in manufacturer ATAG offers a perfect solution to these maximum requirements with a trio of compact and powerful products whose names just happen to be Max!

Each a substantial and able product in its own right, the QuliMax, CombiMax and CaféMax make for a dynamic style statement when teamed in the contemporary kitchen. Smooth synergistic lines in a choice of Stainless Steel or Graphite Black make these appliances perfect for integration into both kitchen and dining installations.

The versatility and ease of use of these products are equally appealing to serious and not-so serious cooks. The QuliMax alone caters for virtually every need. This multi-functional, combination steam oven, from ATAG’s luxury Magna Design Line, represents a typical marriage of sophisticated technology and Dutch design and durability.

A powerful all-rounder housed within compact yet flexible dimensions, the 36-litre capacity QuliMax offers multiple options without confusing or intimidating the user. It has 40 easy-to-use pre-set automatic programmes for steaming, roasting, baking, grilling and defrosting, which means that there is no need to enter the time or temperature. However, its distinct advantage over conventional steam cooking is the addition of combination cooking modes. For example, combination roasting and baking can be done with fanned heat and steam. The intelligent programme ensures that the ideal humidity and heat are created for succulent meat and fish that has a crispy finish. The QuliMax steam setting is designed for bread baking and finishing with fanned heat for a shiny, crusty result.

Sharing the same dimensions as the QuliMax, ATAG’s CombiMax combination oven is similarly innovative and ideal for home entertaining. Its generous 47-litre stainless steel interior encompasses a powerful combination of twin turbo fan oven, grill and 900W microwave. The twin turbo fans are used simultaneously to distribute the heat evenly for perfect cooking on two shelves.

Perfectly complementing these two excellent appliances is ATAG’s CaféMax coffee machine, which has been crafted to appeal to kitchen specialists, designers and consumers alike. Very much aspirational products, integrated coffee machines are becoming a ‘must-have’ addition to the kitchen for the premium consumer as café culture in the UK becomes increasingly popular. With the CaféMax, ATAG has brought the best in automatic coffee making to the home, including speed, ease of use and maintenance free operation.

ATAG’s Sales and Marketing Director, Bill Miller, says:  “Any one of these premium products can ably stand alone as a major style statement of impressive and substantial credentials. Put them together, however, and you have a formidable trio of appliances that blend together in any kitchen and perform superbly.

“ATAG appliances don’t have the luxury of simply being good enough. They must be exceptional and tick all the appropriate boxes in terms of design, quality and flexibility. We believe our ‘Max’ trio answers the call and creates the maximum impact in the kitchen.”

Key benefits of the QuliMax – SQ4111B (stainless steel) and SQ4192B (graphite):

  • Built-in, multifunctional combi steam oven
  • 36-litre capacity with six shelf positions
  • 40 pre-set automatic programmes for steaming, roasting, baking, grilling and defrosting
  • Electronic temperature and steam control
  • Twin steam generation external to the oven cavity for even and rapid cooking
  • LCD screen with temperature, time and programme feedback
  • Adjustable temperature from 40°C to 100°C for steaming and up to 230°C for oven combination function
  • Up to 10 hours delayed start
  • Reheating, keep warm and defrosting programmes
  • No plumbing required – has integral water reservoir for installation anywhere
  • Flexible installation in a tall or base unit
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling function
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 460 x 595 x 520 mm

For further information on ATAG’s QuliMax, CombiMax and CafeMax, as well as other appliances in the range, please call your Area Sales Manager or ATAG on 0208 247 3993 or visit the company’s website at


Image caption: The Terrific Trio: ATAG’s QuliMax and CombiMax ovens and the fully automatic CaféMax coffee machine.

6th May 2010

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