ATAG'S New Dishwashers are Top Class

There has probably never been a better time to buy a new dishwasher. Track back as recently as 10 or 15 years ago and dishwashers were almost primitive compared to what we have today. It is worth recalling that the models of that not-so-distant era were electro-mechanical rather than electronic and equipped with little or no intelligence.

The dishwashers of the nineties expended far more water and energy, and the cleaning process was slower and not nearly so thorough. There were fewer programmes, less space and flexibility in the cavity, and no display panels to inform us of the machine’s progress.

ATAG’s new range of top class, fully integrated dishwashers is a superb example of the progress made. The new ATAG models have all the latest technological wizardry, but equally reassuring for purchasers is the fact that they will be investing in a dishwasher whose robust construction and contemporary design are right at the top of the class. ATAG products are built to last.

The three new dishwashers are fully integrated and constructed of stainless steel, and comprise of the deluxe model VA9611TT (a market leading, 17 place settings with four wash baskets), the VA6611TT (16 place settings), and the VA6611PT (14 place settings). The dishwashers are designed to be fully integrated into the kitchen layout and as well as under a worktop can also be built into a tall housing unit.

ATAG is very much a thinking company and much thought has gone into the careful and precise design of these models. The dishwashers are made with room to spare from quality materials and there are many practical ways to arrange the dishes, cutlery and delicate wine glasses. The most important parts are made from stainless steel (rather than plastic) and no other material is as durable for the purpose.

What is immediately apparent about the new ATAG dishwashers is their incredible quietness, thanks to such technology as the high quality sound-damping insulation material that is also used in luxury cars.

All three models have a hidden, integrated electronic control panel with automatic programmes bringing significant savings over the course of a year in terms of energy consumption, water and electricity. Less than 10 litres of water are required for one dishwashing cycle due to special sensors that detect the load and its dirt content. The fully automatic programme ensures that the right amount of water, as well as setting the correct temperature and the appropriate washing programme.

ATAG’s National Sales Manager, Graham Gleave says: “Those consumers who have been limping along with their old model will be astounded by the technology and quality of today’s dishwashers when they take that important decision to trade up.

“Our new deluxe VA9611TT is an excellent example of modern technology in tandem with sleek, contemporary design. New and those replacing their dishwasher with an ATAG will notice at once the savings they make in energy and water.”

Key benefits of the fully integrated ATAG VA9611TT deluxe dishwasher:

  • Fully integrated and can be built in at eye level
  • Spacious 17 place settings with four wash baskets
  • Triple ‘A’ ratings for energy, washing and drying
  • Very economical and uses just  9.9 litres of water in a standard wash
    • 6 temperatures and 12 programmes including intensive, 20 minute Quick wash and delicate programme
    • Automatic sensor programme for maximum efficiency and economy
    • Up to ten spray levels and three power zones to clean in every nook and cranny, and to deal with heavily soiled crockery
    • Half load programme – wash just one basket only
    • Easymatic adjustable top basket and extra middle basket for three extra sets of cutlery
    • Separate and movable cutlery basket
    • Easy to maintain with self-cleaning filters
    • Whisper quiet at just 43dB(A)
    • Turbo drying system
    • Delayed start up to 24 hours to maximise energy savings with economy tariff electricity
    • Time duration reduction and programmes for temperature and drying time adjustment
    • Fully integrated control panel on inner door frame with LCD display and programme text
    • LED programme indicator that shines a light on to the floor from the bottom of the door.
      • Blue indicates programme is in progress but can still add dishes; red light means you can no longer add to the load. The green light indicates the programme has finished
      • Interior light to illuminate
      • Dimensions H x W x D: 596 x 570 x 860 mm

For further information on ATAG’s new dishwasher range, please contact your Area Sales Manager or call ATAG on 0208 247 3993 or visit the website at


Image caption:  ATAG’s fully integrated VA9611TT deluxe dishwasher is top of the class for design and quality.

7th December 2009

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