Atag's new intuitive induction hob controls

ATAG, the leading Dutch brand for premium quality built-in kitchen appliances, continues the launch of their stunning and innovative portfolio for 2010 with the introduction of their new range of induction hobs, featuring Iris Slide Control®.

ATAG’s new induction hobs are the first to feature the unique Iris Slide Control®, and cement ATAG’s reputation as the creator of built-in appliances that are pioneering and increasingly technologically advanced, incorporating both style and substance.

ATAG’s new Iris Slide Control® is a unique, user-friendly and intuitive control that makes induction cooking a piece of cake! The control allows the user to adjust the settings to their individual requirements by lightly sliding their fingertip over the control in a clockwise motion. The user can immediately see what is happening thanks to an LED indicator on the Iris Slider, making adjustment of the setting simple and accurate. This innovative and unique control introduces greater functionality to induction cooking, using advancements in technology to make life easier for the consumer.

The Iris Slide Control® allows the user to:

  • Adjust the setting by lightly sliding their fingertip over the Slider, with simply one touch.
  • See at a glance which Iris Slider Control® corresponds to which cooking zone.
  • The clever pause button is designed to cope safely with any short interruptions, such as answering the phone or a knock at the door.
  • 12 heat settings for accurate temperature choice
  • Activate the ‘Boost’ setting to enable extra fast heating up, bringing water to the boil and simmering automatically.
  • The six automatic programmes ensure cooking practically and healthily at precisely the right temperature, so oil and butter do not burn.
  • Programme the cooking time, while an audible signal alerts when cooking time is complete and turns the zone off, automatically. There is an independent timer for each zone.
  • Induction energy efficiency comes as standard with the additional benefit of a very low stand-by capacity (<0.5 Watt: Eco stand-by) for further economy and eco-friendliness
  • Activate a childproof lock for extra safely.

Bill Miller, Sales and Marketing Director for ATAG UK, says: “ATAG’s new Iris Slide Control® truly shows how induction cooking is becoming increasingly innovative and revolutionary, while making it the ideal choice for all kitchens. With Iris Slide Control® precision cooking is accurate, simple, and even more economical and safer than before. The new control is wonderfully intuitive, reacting to the user as their needs change, making it a more personalised experience.”

ATAG’s new range of induction hobs are not only technologically advanced but also stunning in appearance, firmly positioning them at the forefront of kitchen appliance design and functionality.

Bill adds: “Induction cooking is rapidly being accepted as consumers become aware of the considerable benefits they offer, not only in terms of increased functionality, but also energy efficiency and speed. ATAG’s new range of hobs is, quite simply, cutting-edge, and prove that induction is the future of cooking.”

For more information on ATAG UK’s range of built in appliances contact your Area Sales Manager or visit the website for details or call ATAG UK on 020 8247 3993.


Image Caption: ATAG’s new Iris Slide Control® allows the consumer to cook precisely and easily to their own requirements.

1st February 2010

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