ATAG's new plate warming drawer is the perfect match for Max

In these exciting times of high technology, and with entertaining at home being top of our agenda, we all want our freshly cooked food and our freshly brewed drinks to be as perfectly prepared as possible.

This is one of the reasons why plate warming drawers have found a niche for themselves as the perfect companions to built-in ovens. Discreet and versatile, warming drawers are an attractive and practical addition to the kitchen, which perfectly complement the cooking range.

ATAG’s new plate warming drawer fits perfectly into the company’s top quality Max Series and Compact Line of flexible, state-of-the art ovens. The streamlined styling of these appliances, combined with the design of the control panels, adds a new dimension to the contemporary kitchen.

Each appliance links seamlessly to another to create a stunning style statement and an elegant marriage of classic design and superior technology. The enhanced and extended Max Series and Compact Line follow the same design concept as other ovens in the ATAG portfolio. All ovens can be positioned in a vertical or horizontal line harmoniously. In this way, ATAG appliances exhibit perfect unity and purity in the kitchen. Additionally, the uniform control concept and the logical design of all appliances provide extra convenience and a professional cooking experience.

This is where ATAG’s plate warming drawer comes into its own. With a built-in height of 140mm and styled in either stainless steel or graphite black, it provides a superb supplement to the similarly designed 460mm Max Line appliances: the MicroMax microwave oven, the CombiMax oven, CaféMax and the QuliMax combi steam oven.

Thanks to its telescopic drawer guide system, the plate warming drawer can be pulled out fully in order to manage the arrangement of crockery, dishes and cups. The removable anti-slip mat will ensure that the contents remain stable.

ATAG’s Sales and Marketing Director, Bill Miller says: “Our flexible plate warming drawer is a beautifully designed and logical companion to our Max Line of appliances. We all like our food served on heated plates, while a delicious espresso coffee is never better than when it is served in a pre-heated cup. Such appliances underline the ATAG reputation as a pure alternative, where clever technical development and striking new designs go together.”

Key benefits of the ATAG WD1511B (stainless steel) and WD1592B (graphite black) Plate Warming Drawer:

  • 140mm high for combining with appliances from the ATAG Max Line series
  • Air circulation system for heating various plates, serving dishes and cups
  • Temperature range of 30° to 70°C
  • 90-minute timer with auto switch-off function
  • Anti-slip mat to keep crockery stable
  • Telescopic drawer guides
  • Illuminated on/off indicator

For further information on ATAG’s Plate Warming Drawer, please call your Area Sales Manager or ATAG on 0208 247 3993 or visit the website at


Image caption:  With a built-in height of 140mm and styled in either stainless steel or graphite black, ATAG’s plate warming drawer provides a superb supplement to the company’s similarly designed 460mm Max Line appliances.

2nd March 2010

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