ATAG’s slimline dishwasher saves space and energy

With household penetration of dishwashers creeping up to the 35% mark, the potential for these time and energy saving machines is still only beginning to be realised. Consumer education and vastly improved technology has gradually enabled the dishwasher to shed its tag as a ‘luxury’ or ‘non-essential’ item, while space limitations have been addressed by a choice of slimline machines.

With its slimline, fully integrated VA4511AT model, ATAG has cleverly produced a top quality dishwasher to banish all reservations about this most underrated of kitchen appliances. It is a proven fact that dishwashers use far less water and energy than washing by hand. The most economical machines can wash 120 pieces of crockery and cutlery using just 12 litres (or two washing up bowls) of water and just 1.05kW of electricity. Washing the same load by hand would require anything from 40 to 100 litres of water, and more than double the electricity.

The 450mm-wide, ATAG VA4511AT carries a triple ‘A’ energy rating and an impressively low noise level of just 47dB.  Driven by intelligent technology, including a load sensor, the dishwasher has nine place settings, five programmes and five temperature settings.

ATAG’s Sales and Marketing Director, Bill Miller, says: “There is so much to be said for owning a dishwasher, and our slimline model will save valuable kitchen space as well as saving time, energy and, of course, money. Independent research declares that you can save around 300 hours a year by using a dishwasher rather than washing the dishes by hand.

“Dishwashers are also far more hygienic than hand washing. Modern dishwashers will wash your dishes and glasses more thoroughly too. Dishwashers operate at 70°C, destroying the harmful bacteria that may stick to your dishes when you wash by hand in water that is seldom hotter than 45 °C.”

Key features of the ATAG VA4511AT slimline dishwasher:

  • Fully integrated with slimline model ready to take furniture door of choice
  • Triple ‘A’ ratings for energy, washing and drying
  • Electronic control panel hidden in the top edge of door frame
  • Spacious with nine place settings
  • Very economical and uses just 13 litres of water in a standard wash
  • Automatic sensor programme to maximise economical use of resources
  • Five programmes and temperatures including; Automatic half load for further economy, Intensive 70°C, Quick 50°C, Eco with Pre-Rinse and Glass 45°C
  • Adjustable top basket and foldable flexible folding tines in the bottom basket
  • Separate cutlery basket
  • Whisper quiet at just 47dB(A) with end of programme audible tone
  • Integrated heating element and efficient turbo drying system
  • Delayed start up to 19 hours to maximise energy savings with economy tariff electricity
  • Aqua Control water stop system

For further information on ATAG’s VA4511AT slimline dishwasher, please call your Area Sales Manager or ATAG on 0208 247 3993 or visit the website at


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ATAG’s 450mm-wide VA4511AT slimline dishwasher with triple ‘A’ ratings and an impressively low noise level of just 47dB.

7th April 2010

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