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Autumn Trends and Stair Runners

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings the latest interior trends for autumn 2021, as well as stair runner inspiration to transform your hallway.

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House Beautiful – Top 10 autumn interior trends for 2021, according to Pinterest

Summer has flown by and now it’s time to prepare for autumn. If you’re looking to keep up to date with the latest seasonal interior trends, House Beautiful has compiled a list of some of the best autumn styles to try out, based on data gathered from Pinterest.

Nature-inspired interiors topped the list, as Interior designer, Lauren Otella of Otella Studios explains: “Nature-inspired interiors will always be a top trend but more now than ever as people want to invite nature into their homes having spent over a year inside due to lockdown.” This is the perfect trend for autumn too, as the days get colder, people will be wanting to bring more warmth to their space and nature-inspired décor is a great technique for this. This can be easily done by picking out new bedding and cushion covers. And if nature-inspired décor isn’t your thing, classic contemporary is another style that’s currently trending according to the data gathered from Pinterest.

In terms of furniture, silver furnishings are on trend for autumn as well as room dividers, which are perfect for sectioning up a room and creating areas with a designated purpose, such as a reading corner (reading corners have also become increasingly popular). Looking to learn more about the benefits of room dividers? Check out one of our previous blog posts!

Following on from nature-inspired décor, dark green was the most popular colour along with warm neutrals – both tapping into the desire to bring the outdoors and warmth into our homes. Combining dark green and neutrals can generate an earthy atmosphere to your space which will help liven it up. And to bring even more lively features to your home, try mixing textures to make things more interesting.

What autumn trends do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Susannah Scott

Livingetc – 13 staircase runner ideas to instantly transform a hallway

Not only do stair runners look stunning, they’re also great for adding a pop of colour, texture or pattern to a tired looking staircase. If you’re planning on redecorating your hallway, you probably will have come across stair runners during your research, particularly if you’ve been trawling through your Pinterest or Instagram feed looking for ideas! This article from Livingetc is a must read for anyone searching for stair runner inspiration, as well as featuring some handy tips and tricks on how to select the best type for your space.

The first idea that stood out to us when reading this article was a unique one that we hadn’t heard before. To make a small hallway feel more spacious, Livingetc suggests extending your stair runner onto the floor of your hallway or landing to create the illusion of more space. This works particularly well with bold patterns. While on the topic of patterns, have you ever considered a leopard print stair runner? A couple of members of the jmm PR team would love this in their home! While it might not suit everyone’s taste, according to the article, the hallway is a room where you don’t actually spend much time, so it’s the perfect place to “go bold and embrace maximalism.”    

Looking to create a calming atmosphere? A blue stair runner is great for helping you relax when you enter your home, as well as being a colour that will hide any stains or scuffs. Striped stair runners are also ideal for this too, helping you to make a good first impression when guests enter your home, while having the “added bonus of not showing as much dirt as a plain single coloured alternative”. If you’re looking to make a more subtle statement, why not try selecting a stair runner in a natural material, such as jute, with a coloured border (pictured below)? As well as being hardwearing and ideal for high traffic areas, jute can effortlessly transform your stairs into a modern, yet rustic, space.

Image: Alexander James

One of our favourite ideas in the article is to use a pink stair runner to add a pop of colour to a simple, all-white hallway. According to Livingetc, blush pinks and rosy hues can add warmth and softness to a monochrome space, as well as having the added benefit of making your room feel larger! Does this article inspire you to transform your hallway with a stair runner? Let us know in the comments!


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17th September 2021


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