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Budget Transformations, Whimsigothic and Décor Trends

As a tech and lifestyle public relations agency, it’s important we stay on top of the latest news and trends. We therefore find ourselves doing lots of reading! This week, we’ve put together a round-up of the most inspirational articles we’ve read throughout the month.

Our write up includes blog posts from Tidylife, Sleek-Chic Interiors and Decoralist.

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Tidylife – 4 Creative Ways to Transform Your Home on a Budget

Like many people, a few of us at jmm PR have made a New Year’s resolution to revamp parts of our home in 2023. Making changes to your house can help to reignite your passion for your space, giving you something to put your mind to work with and also preventing your layout and décor from becoming unvaried and out-of-date. Unfortunately, re-decorating can also be expensive. This blog post by Tidylife has some ideas on how to transform your home without breaking the bank.

Not only will decluttering make your home look cleaner and more organised, but it can also be beneficial for your wellbeing too, as a messy space can be difficult to relax in. Carefully go through each room of your home and decide what you want to keep and what could be sold, donated to charity, or gifted to a friend or family member if it’s still in good condition. Avoid throwing anything away if possible; with some research you’d be surprised about some of the things that you can donate or recycle.

Another way to transform your space without spending a penny is to rearrange your furniture. Switching your furniture layout can do wonders for completely changing the way the room looks. You could even move your furniture to another room, or make some space by giving away, donating or selling anything that you don’t really need.

Changing the colour scheme of your home doesn’t have to mean repainting the walls. Instead, switching out the accent colours can do wonders for injecting some new life into your space. Simply buy some cushions, throws and other accessories in your new accent colour; these could even be bought second hand to save some money!

If you enjoy arts and crafts, why not incorporate this into your home transformation? This could be done by creating new furnishings or upcycling old furniture. This not only allows you to bring a new spark to your space, but also creates a fun activity to spend some time on. You can get really creative with what you craft too, such as making something from recycled materials.

Image: The Albion Bath Co.

Sleek-Chic Interiors – Dark and Dreamy: Whimsigothic Home Decor Ideas

 At jmm PR, we’re always keeping an eye out for the latest interior trends. One of the most recent trends that has caught our attention is Whimsigothic home décor which, according to this blog post by Sleek-Chic Interiors, is on the rise on TikTok and Pinterest. Whimsigothic is a mixture of gothic and whimsical interior looks; it often consists of dark colours combined with fantasy-style touches.

Whimsigothic piqued our curiosity, because we love dark interiors, with black bedrooms being one of our favourite interior trends from 2022, and Whimsigothic is all about dark colours with a playful edge to lighten the mood of the room. This blog post by Sleek-Chic Interiors has some tips on how turn your space into a Whimsigothic wonderland.

Dark colours and shades are one of the core aspects of gothic interiors. What separates Whimsigothic from gothic interiors is that Whimsigothic can have sparks of colour to bring some fun touches to the darker space. Purple is perfect for this trend as it’s a colour that represents royalty, mixing perfectly with the ‘fantasy’ aspects of Whimsigothic. Green and black colour schemes also bode well with Whimsigothic as they add a ‘witchy’, forest vibe to the space. Although purple and green are the most popular accent colours in the Whimsigothic décor trend, gold also works as it adds a touch of warmth and light to an otherwise moody room. As well as using colour to bring a playful and quirky nature to a gothic interior, animal prints can also be introduced using artwork, cushions, or decorations.

A gallery wall is a great way to incorporate this trend into your interior design, as well as creating a focal point for your room too. Create a collage of gothic motifs, decorative frames, and unusual, quirky art for a statement Whimsigothic gallery wall.

Lighting is essential for any interior design look, and candlelight can work perfectly in a Whimsigothic interior as it adds a magical, dreamy touch. Fairy lights are another great option, especially because they can come in various shapes and colours to match the rest of your room’s style.

Skulls are a core statement in gothic interiors but can be livened up in a Whimsigothic room using warmer colours such as orange and maroon. Masks can also be used in Whimsigothic décor and will look brilliant in a gallery wall.

Image: Decoralist

Decoralist – Home Decor Trends That’ll Dominate 2023

Speaking of interior trends, we can’t wait to see what else 2023 has in store in terms of new and returning styles. This blog post by Decoralist offers some great insights into what home décor trends are predicted to arise in 2023. If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration that is up-to-date with the latest styles, then look no further!

Decoralist expects 2023 to be much rounder than 2022, with curves and arches being favoured over sharp edges and corners. This could be seen through arched doorways and entryways, or, if you’re looking to implement this in a more simplistic way, then opting for curved and rounded furniture and decorative items will also bring a softer edge to your space.

It’s unsurprising that sustainable materials are also looking to be on the rise in 2023 as sustainability is increasingly becoming a statement goal in nearly every industry, as well as interior design. Bamboo and rattan are currently popular sustainable materials, though Decoralist predicts that cork and aluminium will increase in demand in 2023 too.

Speaking of sustainable alternatives, Decoralist also believes that we’ll see more artisanal wares in 2023 interior design as more people are shifting away from ‘fast fashion’ manufacturing. Investing in artisanal wares rather than buying from large companies not only means that your décor or furniture will be bespoke and authentic, but you’ll also be giving money to small businesses and the local economy.

Natural tones such as warm wood colours and browns are also expected to be seen more frequently in 2023 as interior design moves away from cold tones such as white and grey. Warmer colour palettes help create a cosy feel to a room and go well with the rise of sustainable or vintage décor and furniture. Speaking of wooden furniture and décor, Decoralist also expects that matte wood finishes will be replaced with high-gloss wood finishes in 2023, helping to make your home appear more polished.

Having a statement piece in your room creates a focal point that will be the first thing a person’s eyes are drawn to as they enter the space. This could be a painting, a piece of furniture, a fireplace, or, according to Decoralist, even the floor. Rugs that have eye-catching, vibrant colours and patterns are expected to be popular in 2023. One of the most beneficial things about a statement rug is that they’re perfect for rooms that don’t have wall art (especially in a rented property where having wall art could put your security deposit at risk!). Statement rugs are a great way to bring in excitement and colour to a space without making it too overwhelming.

Image: Twigs Handwoven Rug

We’d love to know which article you found most inspiring and if you’ll take any tips away from our roundup. Let us know in the comments!



27th January 2023


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