KitchenAid’s beautifully designed KSCX 3610 built-in coffee machine delivers everything you would expect of a luxury manufacturer renowned for its quality and attention to detail.
The powerful, integrated automatic coffee machine is equipped with a variety of functions for professional coffee making at home. There is a choice of settings for varying the coffee volume and temperature, as well as water quantity. The coffee grinder has seven grinding grades to cater for all tastes, from ultra fine to coarse. There is a multi-purpose steam function that enables users to heat up milk to produce frothy cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate. Nor is there any chance of KitchenAid’s sophisticated machine becoming gridlocked by the horrors of limescale. The special anti-limescale programme automatically senses when it is time to clean the coffee machine and runs the programme to keep the appliance working perfectly.
Caroline Guillermard, Product Marketing Manager, Premium, for KitchenAid, says: “The KitchenAid KSCX 3610 is a truly professional coffee machine which effectively brings the aroma and quality of your favourite coffee shop into the home. It is exceptionally well designed, powerful and versatile. Users are offered a marvellous choice and the taste of their favourite beverage is of a consistently high quality.”
Key features and benefits of the KitchenAid KSCX 3610 Built-In Coffee Machine:
• Styled in EasyClean stainless steel
• Electronic control with blue LCD display screen
• Espresso function
• Milk steaming function
• Automatic grinder with seven grinding levels
• Three settings for different coffee volumes
• Three settings for coffee temperature
• Three settings for water quantity
• Automatic coffee and water level detection
• Anti-limescale programme senses when the coffee machine needs cleaning and activates automatically
• Water tank capacity of 1.8 litres for easy and independent installation
• Auto start and auto shut-off for complete convenience and safety
• Dimensions H x W x D: 455 x 595 x 385 mm
For more information on KitchenAid’s KSCX 3610 Built-In Coffee Machine and other appliances in the company’s range, call your Regional Business Manager or KitchenAid on 0800 988 1266 or visit the website at for full specification.


Image caption: Multifunctional and versatile, KitchenAid’s KSCX 3610 built-in coffee machine is equipped with a variety of functions to give coffee an exceptional aroma and taste.

15th February 2011

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