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As a homes and interiors public relations agency, we read a lot of articles on the latest news, trends and products for the home. This week, we’ve put together a round-up of the most inspirational articles we’ve read throughout the month.

Our write up includes articles from interiors publications Homes & Gardens, YourHomeStyle and Good Homes.

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Homes & Gardens – Clothing storage ideas – 12 ways to stash clothes neatly

 If you’re a fashion lover, it can be incredibly tricky to find new storage solutions for your clothes that don’t involve the difficult decision to have a clear out. This is why we love this article by Homes & Gardens as there are a few of us here at jmm PR who certainly feel like we are reaching the limit of our wardrobes!

Our favourite tip from this piece is the KonMari folding method by organisation guru, Marie Kondo because it doesn’t require a large amount of space or spending a lot of money. The hack simply involves folding your clothes and standing them up vertically in a drawer rather than stacking each item. Not only does this make your clothes more compact and therefore offering more space in each drawer, but it also means each piece will be much easier to find without the need for rummaging through a pile. Marie also advises using storage dividers or boxes to keep your folded items upright and divided into categories.

If you have a bigger budget, then Homes & Gardens has various ideas for larger storage solutions. You could turn a spare room into a walk-in closet or dressing room and use different levels of rails, pull out drawers, pigeonhole shelves and overhead storage to maximise the vertical space of the room as well as the floor space. If you have some room to spare, you could even fit in a ladder which will not only add a traditional look to the space but will also grant you access to the upper levels of storage.

Of course, there is always the option to clear out your closet if you’re really struggling with storage. If you’re unsure of what to sell or donate, Homes & Gardens suggests turning over all your coat hangers at the start of a season and turning them back around again when you remove an item to wear. At the end of the season, you’ll have a clear view of what you’ve actually been wearing and what’s just hanging there, unused and taking up space. You can also try storing your out-of-season clothes in a sealed box under your bed or in the loft to keep them out of the way while the weather is unsuitable for them, and then bring them back out again when the time is right. This is especially handy for winter clothes as jumpers and coats take up a lot more space than t-shirts and shorts.

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YourHomeStyle – How to make a rented flat feel like home

 jmm PR’s Jess was moving out into her first flat when this article was published, so it came at just the right time with its tips on decorating a rented property without denting your deposit.

With their (commonly) plain, magnolia walls, rented properties often leave a lot to be desired when it comes to making the space your own. Because of this, we especially loved the tips on ways to present wall art without leaving marks on the walls when the tenant moves out, from command strips to hang up pictures, self-adhesive wallpaper and stick-on tiles. And if you don’t want to risk leaving residue behind when these items are peeled off, the article suggests going big and bright on furniture, light fixtures, curtains, accessories and rugs to bring some life into the place!

Lighting is hugely essential when setting the mood of a space. YourHomeStyle recommends having five to eight light sources in a single room. Floor lamps and table lamps can add a decorative touch whereas candles will bring ambience and LED lights will electrify the room with a retro-look. If you want to brighten up your room, then try large mirrors. Even if they’re not hung up on the wall, a mirror will reflect light around the room as well as giving the illusion of a bigger space.

And never underestimate the smaller details. Soft furnishings such as curtains, blinds, cushions and throws can be bought in prints or bright colours to take any attention away from the bare walls. Even just swapping out the handles of your kitchen cupboards will change their whole look. Houseplants can also do wonders for bringing more energy to a space and are also scientifically proven to improve mental health.

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Good Homes – 5 bedroom storage ideas

 One of the biggest challenges of having a small bedroom can be finding storage for your belongings. It’s important that your bedroom remains uncluttered as it’s supposed to be a place of rest after a hard day and an unorganised space can increase stress levels. This is why we loved this article by Good Homes, as it has some tips on handy storage solutions which will not only keep your room looking organised but will also save space so that it appears less cramped.

We particularly liked the idea of investing in a bed frame that has built-in storage, as a bed will typically take up the most space in the room and the area underneath it can commonly become a place to shove things when you want them out of the way. Having built-in storage prevents your under-bed space from becoming a hideaway for unwanted things, and instead transforms it into a useful storage solution.

We also love the idea of using an ottoman. Multi-functional furniture is a great idea for a small space as it lessens the amount of furniture you need for multiple tasks. An ottoman not only looks stylish, but it can also be used to store things inside and also sit on.

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We’d love to know which article you found most inspiring and if you’ll take any tips away from our roundup. Let us know in the comments!



25th February 2022


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