The Datalogic Memor 20 handheld computer

Complete Range of Handheld Solutions Available from AM Labels Limited

AM Labels Limited (AM Labels), an award-winning supplier of complete labelling solutions including manufacturing and warehouse automation, barcoding and RFID systems, offers a comprehensive range of handheld computers to provide businesses with increased levels of efficiency, flexibility and accuracy.

Handheld computers are ideal for stock management and inventory control, enabling users to complete countless tasks including picking orders, tracking assets, completing stocktakes, scanning incoming and outgoing orders and replenishing stock. In addition, handheld computers are also ideal for field sales and delivery purposes. As well as being cost effective, they come complete with a choice of connectivity options, meaning they can be used remotely or in large outdoor spaces, where WiFi coverage is poor. Many handheld computers also benefit from a high-resolution camera for applications where capturing images and videos is essential, such as logistics companies that require proof of delivery. Furthermore, several models are reinforced with hardened Gorilla® glass, offering increased levels of durability.

AM Labels’ range of handheld computers is ideal for businesses operating in industrial and warehousing environments, as well as being suitable for use across shipping, retail and logistics sectors. The company’s comprehensive portfolio consists of a wide range of models from the industry’s leading manufacturers such as Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic. Additionally, the range includes PDAs, conventional handheld terminals with either numeric or alphanumeric keyboards and wearables, all of which are available at varying price points and are therefore suited to an assortment of businesses.

For example, the Datalogic Memor 20 handheld computer is a PDA style, entry-level model that is ultra-slim and compact, combining a 5.7 inch, full HD display with a 3900mAh battery that can be easily and quickly replaced. This model benefits from a drop resistance of up to 1.8 metres onto concrete, while also offering users wireless charging, front and rear LED flash cameras and a fingerprint sensor for secure authentication. The megapixel 2D imager benefits from Datalogic’s patented Green Spot technology for visual ‘’good-read’ feedback. Furthermore, the Memor 20 offers Bluetooth short-range wireless technology for remote connectivity to a mobile printer and a powerful, high-performance processor.

Where increased levels of efficiency and productivity are required, the Zebra MC3300 mobile computer is a mid-range model that combines a lightweight, ergonomic design and multiple form factors for easier scanning. Thanks to Wi-Fi-enabled WorkForce Connect and push-to-talk capabilities, the MC3300 can be used by workers to communicate instantly, even when they are at different locations within a site. This model also benefits from either a numeric or alphanumeric keypad and large, intuitive touch screen display. Scratched, damaged or poorly printed barcodes can be captured with ease, while wide barcodes can also be captured at close range. Furthermore, the MC3300 comes pre-licenced with Android OS, enabling users to run two apps simultaneously for increased productivity and ease of use. A premium version of the MC3300 is also available, ideal for when enhanced performance and scanning capabilities with an extended range are required.

For businesses looking for an advanced model that is rugged and powerful, while helping to streamline manufacturing and warehousing processes, the Zebra MC9300 is a high-end handheld mobile computer that combines a keypad and 4.3 inch touchscreen display. This model ensures that barcodes can be captured in almost all conditions, and users can also interact with the screen when using a stylus or while wearing gloves. In addition to offering a robust wireless connection, powerful 8-core processor, and an optional 5MP front camera and 13MP rear facing camera for capturing detailed photos and videos, the MC9300 also benefits from a PowerPrecision+ battery, providing long lasting power and fast charging. Furthermore, this model also offers both indoor and outdoor readability, data input flexibility and SimulScan, which enables users to easily capture multiple barcodes on boxes and pallets.

When storage solutions for handheld devices that can increase workflow efficiency and safety are required, the Zebra Intelligent Cabinets are available in a range of sizes, as well as in both standardised modular configurations and customised solutions. The cabinets can store between five and 100 devices, including mobile computers, tablets and mobile printers, providing a solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Ideal for use in warehouse, transportation, logistics and retail industries, the range, which includes cabinets, racks, cradle locks and customised carts, was designed to streamline the way in which handheld devices are stored, accessed, tracked and managed. Zebra Intelligent Cabinets connect devices for reporting, charging and access management, ensuring they are ready for use without interruptions, while reducing device loss and damage, enhancing asset security and increasing operational efficiency.

Brendon Bass, Sales and Marketing Manager, AM Labels Limited comments: “Handheld computers are a highly cost effective solution for simplifying processes and increasing productivity, in addition to being ideal for a range of stock management and inventory control purposes. Our comprehensive range of handheld computers guarantee that, regardless of your budget, the size of your business, or the industry you’re operating in, we are sure to have a model that can support your company and significantly improve your business operations.

“Prospective customers can attend a free, in-house demonstration of our range of handheld solutions with our experienced, knowledgeable and talented team. We also offer full training, and an extensive aftercare package, to ensure optimal performance of our range of handheld computers.”

For more information on AM Labels’ range of handheld computers or to book a demonstration at the company’s Northamptonshire head office, please call the sales team on 01536 414 222 or email:




Image captions:

  1. The Datalogic Memor 20 is an entry-level handheld computer with a 5.7 inch, full HD display
  2. Zebra MC3300 mobile computer is a mid-range model with a lightweight, ergonomic design
  3. The Zebra MC9300 handheld mobile computer is an advanced model that can help to streamline manufacturing and warehousing processes


About AM Labels Limited:

AM Labels Limited was established in 1996 and has extensive experience and expertise in labelling, bar coding systems and software solutions, with online advice, support and ordering. The company has invested in its own on-site label manufacturing and production facility to offer customers best quality and customised labels. AML offers peace of mind to companies in the day to day running of their business. Our technical and service support is nationwide and available by telephone, or via a pre-arranged visit. We are passionate about being fully flexible and always tailor our service to each company’s need, and therefore we will work with you to always find a solution.

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