An introduction to consumer PR

In a competitive market, it can be difficult to communicate your company messaging and values directly to consumers to build brand awareness, loyalty and sales. Consumer PR can work together with your marketing and sales strategies. We can deliver creative and strategic campaigns targeting your preferred channels and platforms, whether that be print and digital publications, broadcast media or social media, which are also relevant to your target audience.

In a time when consumers are looking for products or services from companies that are honest and authentic, consumer PR is an opportunity to tell a compelling story as part of a wider marketing strategy to give your business more credibility and a competitive edge. Consumer PR will help to maintain a positive reputation for your company and form a greater connection between the brand and its audience.

What we can offer

Our expert team of PR professionals with decades worth of combined experience in producing award-winning consumer PR content will work closely with you to put together a headline-grabbing strategy that will reach the appropriate channels and platforms. From press releases and feature requests to event management and award entries, we offer a vast range of services to tailor the perfect consumer PR plan for you and your business.

Consumer PR
Consumer PR
Consumer PR

Our approach

We will familiarise ourselves with your company inside and out and will keep up to date with your latest marketing strategies so that we can communicate the relevant messaging and values, as well as looking out for exciting new opportunities. We’ll also learn who your audience are and strategically target publications aimed at your audience so that your communication reaches the right people.

Not only will we use our vast database of media relationships to deliver your campaign to the most relevant contacts, but we’ll also create new contact lists tailored to your consumer PR objectives and will help your business build its relationship with the media. On top of this, our outreach extends to social media, and we can develop partnerships for your brand with celebrities and influencers to reach social media audiences too.

Our results-driven consumer PR campaigns will be measured on their success and reported back to you, so that together we can continue to build a strategy that is right for your business and your target audience.

Our services

We offer a wide range of consumer PR services to meet your business’ needs. Our team can provide high quality, informative and engaging copywriting to tell your story and can convey even the most complex or technical information in a clear, concise and compelling way that will appeal to consumers. We will craft copy that will not only mirror your business’ communication style, but will also reflect your values, objectives and key messaging, whether that be in press releases, feature requests, award entries, case studies, blog posts, social media content and more.

Our consumer PR services also extend to PR events where we can create an unforgettable experience. Our level of input into your event can vary depending on your needs, we can plan the whole experience, or simply manage the press invite list and interviews; our consumer PR offering is flexible and can be tailored to your requirements. We can assist with product launches, conferences, press trips, exhibitions, virtual PR events, and celebratory events.

Celebrity partnerships are a fantastic way to circulate your product or service to a wider audience and gain some credibility too. Influencer marketing has become a growing trend over the past few years, and is highly beneficial if you’re targeting a younger audience. Our consumer PR services will not only provide support with celebrity and influencer partnerships but will help you find them too. This also extends to product placement, gameshow prize contributions, sponsorships, and more.

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We are a team of four PR professionals, holding degrees in marketing, journalism as well as international relations and politics. Read more about us here.

We were very impressed with the support from the jmm PR team including the managing of the preparations and their knowledge during the filming of the Gadget Show.

Adam Boyle

Producer/Director, Gadget Show, NorthOne TV

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