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Cosy Bedrooms and Black Interiors

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings tips on keeping your bedroom cosy during autumn and advice on decorating with black to create a stylish living room.

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Country Living – 6 ways to make your bedroom ultra cosy in autumn

Now that we’ve reached the autumn months, the weather is starting to grow colder and it’s getting more difficult to keep our bedrooms nice and warm. That’s why we loved this article by Country Living which has some tips on keeping your bedroom cosy, so that you don’t spend these chilly nights shivering!

Adorning our homes with an abundance of potted plants has become a popular trend in recent years, especially with the rise of cottage core, and bringing the outdoors into your bedroom can also be a neat trick for introducing a cosy vibe to your space. If you’re not keen on the effort of keeping a potted plant alive, you can also try entwining some branches or twigs around fairy lights or investing in some cane weaved sculptures for a more bohemian effect.

When you’re looking to bring some warmth to your bed, your feet play an important role in managing your body temperature. This is why Country Living recommends warming up the foot of your bed with a hot water bottle, which will do wonders for keeping you cosy when your bedroom gets too cold. And if you’re looking for ideas on turning up the heat in your room whilst maintaining a low energy bill, try leaving your curtains open during sunny days, even when it’s cold. Although it may be tempting to close them and keep the heat in, the sun will actually do wonders for warming your room up during the day. Sometimes, the drop in temperature in your room may be coming from a draught which Country Living suggests using a candle to locate. Simply close all the windows and doors and use the candle to find where the draught is, once they have all been located and sealed it will be much easier to manage the temperature of the room.

What tips from this article have you found most useful? Let us know in the comments! And remember, although it may be tempting to keep your bedroom nice and toasty during the colder months, the best temperature for sleeping is actually 18.3°C, so keeping your room any hotter than this could actually affect your sleeping pattern.

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Ideal Home – Black living room ideas: decorating inspiration for daring dark schemes

Most of us don’t associate the colour black with home décor, and that was our initial thought when we first spotted this article from Ideal Home this week. However, along with some stunning inspiration and helpful tips and tricks on how to make the colour work in your home, the article proves that black can be super stylish if used in the right way. In this piece, Ideal Home gathers advice from Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador, on how to use the colour in your living room to make a statement! According to Patrick, “Black can be an incredibly glamorous and sophisticated choice for a living room”, as well as being a colour that “can create a cosy and intimate space”, which is perfect for the winter months.

The first tip in the article (and this just so happens to be our favourite too), is to use the colour to divide your wall, with the bottom half painted black and the top half painted white or another neutral shade. This will help to create a modern feel that can complement any living room. You can pop over to this web-site, if you need more information like this! It’s simpler than you may think to create too, all you need to do is grab some masking tape and stick it onto the wall in a straight line where you’d like the divide to be, then you’re ready to get painting!

If you’re not keen on the idea of painting your walls black, why not stick to painting the woodwork, such as doorframes or skirting boards? This would provide a stunning contrast against white walls! Another tip on subtly introducing the colour into your living room is to use it to bring out details in your space, such as fireplace surrounds and storage alcoves (such as in the example pictured below). According to Patrick, this would look great when paired with muted grey walls.

Image: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

If subtlety isn’t your thing and your room has a good source of natural light, why not go all out by painting all four walls black (make sure you keep the ceiling white though). According to the article, this creates a “cocooning atmosphere”. Alternatively, you could stick to painting one feature wall black, which will still make a stunning statement, however it won’t appear too overpowering. Finally, if you’re keen on incorporating black into your space but are wanting to tone down its impact, striped wallpaper that incorporates the colour (but isn’t overpowered by it) can add a beautifully modern feel to your living room. This is particularly stunning when the black is contrasted with metallic shades, such as silver or gold, which according to the article, “will help to reflect light and give the wallpaper more depth”.

If you’d like to find out more about these tips and many more that are included in the article, make sure you check it out and don’t forget to let us know in the comments if you’re daring enough to try black in your living room!


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15th October 2021


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