Dimplex launches the DAD25 Air Dryer to aid clothes drying inside

The winter weather makes the chore of drying laundry an even more difficult task, and not everyone has the space or budget for a tumble dryer. The new Dimplex DAD25 air dryer is the ideal alternative to using a tumble dryer to aid drying your clothes inside.

The freestanding air dyer features six fans, on top of which your clothes-horse is placed to offer an energy efficient aid to clothes drying. In tests conducted by Dimplex, the new air dryer used 90 per cent less energy to dry the same laundry load compared to a tumble dryer, using an economical 25W. The dryer is also up to 70 per cent more effective than leaving clothes to dry naturally in-doors.

The efficient air dryer is suitable for all types of garments, from delicate woollen jumpers to silk shirts, even hats, shoes and coats are dried with ease. Dimplex’s DAD25 is perfect for drying clothes overnight and can dry jeans in six to eight hours or shirts in three to five hours.

The Dimplex DAD25 air dryer comes with a one year guarantee for total peace of mind and can be stood upright when not in use, so it can be stored away easily.

Dimensions: H x W x D: 50 x 600 x 700 mm
Noise level: 45 dB(A)

The approximate price of the Dimplex DAD25 Air Dryer is £119.99

Contact details, further information and stockists:
T: 0844 879 3588
W: www.dimplex.co.uk


Image caption: The Dimplex DAD25 Air Dryer

10th September 2013

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