Dimplex’s DuoHeat® raditators could lower your energy bills this winter

Dimplex is the world leader in electric heating with hundreds of products dedicated to energy-efficiency, and its DuoHeat® radiator range can help you stay warm this winter whilst keeping your fuel bills down.

The DuoHeat® radiators are revolutionary energy-efficient electric radiators. The slim, modern radiator ensures plenty of heat is available throughout the day whilst keeping costs down by using two automatically controlled heat sources. One source of heat comes from off-peak energy, which is retained at the heart of the heater and emitted throughout the day. The other source of heat, a low-wattage radiant element at the front of the radiator, is used only when necessary to retain your chosen room temperature.

Electric heating systems are 100 per cent efficient at the point of use, meaning all electricity consumed is converted directly into heat to warm your home. With electric heating no energy is wasted, unlike boiler-based systems where energy is lost whilst travelling through the flue. As the DuoHeat® radiator has no moving parts it can be expected to last up to 15 years, five years longer than a boiler’s average lifespan, making electric heating systems much better value for money when considering installation, maintenance and replacement costs over the life of your system.

A further benefit of electric heating is the fact that installation is so quick and simple. It also does not require any pipe-work, and therefore can be installed very quickly, with little disruption to the household. The DuoHeat® radiators can work as a system or operate individually, allowing other radiators to be added when budget permits.

Karen Trewick, Marketing Communications Manager for Dimplex, says: “Dimplex offers a wide range of energy-efficient heating solutions as we understand how important conserving energy and saving money is throughout the winter. Many of our products also offer accurate and easy-to-use controls for maximum efficiency and comfort through the home.”

Key features and benefits of the DuoHeat® Duo300i radiators:
 Heat provided by a mix of off-peak energy and low-wattage element to save energy and retain warmth throughout the day
 Energy-efficiency savings of up to ten per cent compared with traditional off-peak electric heating systems
 Innovative “smart” heat manager automatically controls radiator settings, optimising economy
 Stylish, slim-line design with concealed outlet grille
 Easy to use controls with child lock facility
 Compatible with Dimplex 4-zone, wall-mounted mains programmer
 Pre-wired electrical connections for easy installation
 Compatible with all off-peak tariffs
 Easy-fit front panel connections
 Dimensions: H 712 x W 600 x D 140 mm

The price of the DuoHeat® radiator range starts from around £380, excluding installation.

For more information about Dimplex’s range of energy-efficient heating solutions call 0845 600 5111 or visit the website at www.dimplex.co.uk


Image caption: Dimplex’s DuoHeat® radiator, a stylish and energy-efficient addition to any home.

19th April 2012

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