Dispose Of Your Food Waste With InSinkErator This Autumn

The leaves are starting to turn, with dark, chilly nights drawing in; this can only mean one thing, autumn is well and truly on its way. InSinkErator®, the global leader, inventor and manufacturer of food waste disposers, provides the perfect companion for disposing of vegetable peelings from your warming homemade soup this autumn.

A staggering 33 million tonnes of food waste makes its way to landfills each year1, which breaks down, producing methane gas. Methane is 21 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, and an increase in methane can have an adverse effect on global warming2. Although watching what we buy and how much we cook can lessen the amount of food waste created in our home, there is still a large amount of food waste that is unavoidable, and must be disposed of.

Composting food waste is an ideal method of limiting the amount sent to landfill for those with the time and space to do so. Good elements for composting include vegetable scraps, eggshells and tea bags, as well as other household waste, such as shredded newspapers and grass clippings. Diverting this organic waste from landfill will help to reduce harmful emissions and lessen the strain on local landfill sites, while providing a completely free and natural soil enricher.

However, composting is not exhaustive in dealing with food waste. Adding bones to your compost heap can attract rats and other pests, and organic waste that is slow to decompose will be a hindrance when it comes to using the material. To complement your composting, an InSinkErator® food waste disposer will deal with food waste unsuitable for composting, hygienically and instantly. A food waste disposer is also ideal for those who are unable to compost.

The top-of-the-range, incredibly quiet, Evolution 250 food waste disposer is ideal for growing families or home entertainers; an innovative three-stage, system of grind rings safely dispatches food waste in seconds, without the use of knives or blades, before it is simply rinsed away down the sink and through standard plumbing, where it can be transported to a wastewater treatment plant and made into biogas or fertiliser. The brand new Evolution 250 features a deluxe polished chrome stopper cover and new style trim shell, as well as being supported with an unrivalled eight year parts and labour guarantee.

Kevin Carr, UK Sales Manager, InSinkErator®, says: “With an increasing amount of food waste generated in the home, and the difficulty for many to dispose of it, an InSinkErator® food waste disposer is a discreet asset to any home. We endeavour to provide households with a safe, simple and effective way to dispose of food waste in a convenient, hygienic manner and it’s excellent to see such a significant increase in household consideration of food waste and its impact. We therefore hope more households consider a food waste disposer in the future.”

For more information on food waste disposers from InSinkErator® please call 01923 375 349 or visit the website at www.insinkerator.co.uk


Notes for editors:

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2 http://apps.sepa.org.uk/spripa/Pages/SubstanceInformation.aspx?pid=65

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  1. The new InSinkErator® Evolution 250 food waste disposer will deal with leftover food scraps unsuitable for composting, hygienically and instantly.

About InSinkErator®:

InSinkErator® UK, a business unit of Emerson, is the UK and world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and the clear global market leader. Food waste disposers divert around 20 per cent of household waste away from landfill and have been shown to have a smaller carbon footprint than kerbside collection. In 2007 InSinkErator® launched a brand new product, the Steaming Hot Water Tap, which delivers 98 degrees centigrade, filtered, hot water on demand.

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