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Eco-friendly Gardens and Outdoor Bars

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings ideas on making your garden as eco-friendly as possible as well as stylish garden bar inspiration.

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Homes & Gardens – Eco-friendly garden ideas – 10 expert tips on creating an environmentally-friendly backyard

When taking your garden design into account, sometimes it’s important to remember that they’re not just for us but also for the abundance of wildlife living within them. That’s why we loved this article by Homes & Gardens, which gives some tips on making your garden as eco-friendly as possible. This article is especially handy if you’re keen on helping the environment as well as looking to revamp your garden’s look.

Permaculture gardening is based solely on recycling, regenerating and reusing, making it the perfect method for a more sustainable gardening approach. It involves creating your own compost from food waste, leaving dead plants to turn into mulch, preserving water and electricity, as well as avoiding environmentally harmful products such as new plastic pots and pesticides. Because permaculture gardening allows nature to take its course, it’s also very low maintenance and affordable. Another eco-friendly garden style is a dry garden, which we’ve recently written a blog post about. Because dry gardens feature plants that are happy in the sun with very little water, it means less water is being used, which is far more sustainable than a regular garden, as well as being another low maintenance option for busy gardeners.

Bees are essential for the survival of our ecosystem, which is why it’s a good idea to choose bright and colourful plants that are more likely to attract bees for pollination. Honeysuckle, lavender and foxgloves are particularly popular among bees. And it’s not just the insects that can benefit from your garden, but the birds too. Why not try hanging a bird seed feeder in your garden to attract more birds, or even just scattering bird seed over your lawn? On top of this, placing a small animal shelter in a secluded area of the garden will provide a secure place for hedgehogs, mice and other tiny creatures, turning your space into a safe haven for all kinds of wildlife.

Garden ponds not only look nice, but they can also be beneficial for the ecosystem within your garden. Ponds also don’t have to be too extravagant unless you plan on having fish in them, our recent blog post provided some petite pond ideas for smaller spaces. Not only will they provide a home for aquatic life to settle down into, but it can also be a water source for birds and other wildlife to stop at.

What are your tips on keeping your garden eco-friendly? Let us know in the comments!

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Good Homes – 5 great garden bar ideas from Instagram

Hands up who has been enjoying the sunshine this week? We know we certainly have (even if it has been a bit too hot at times!). The warm weather is a perfect excuse to relax outdoors with a cocktail, so when we saw this article from Good Homes on garden bar ideas, we instantly knew that we were going to feature it in our Favourite Articles of the Week blog post. Garden bars are ideal for entertaining family and friends outdoors, and this article shows us five examples from Instagram that are sure to inspire you to create a bar in your own garden!

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to DIY garden bars, many of which are easier than you may think to recreate at home. For example, @athomeat31 built a bar using second-hand palettes, a simple and inexpensive way to create a super stylish outdoor bar for your garden. If space isn’t on your side, we love the vertical wall bar created by @afixmidlands, which is a creative way of building a dedicated space in your garden or balcony for storing bottles and glasses. These are also easy to make yourself with old crates or wood left over from other DIY projects!

Unsurprisingly, our favourite garden bar in the article is the one created by @daintydressdiaries. Interestingly, the bar was made from an old bed (ideal if you’re looking for a weekend upcycling project) and has been painted in a beautiful blush pink shade to make it a real feature in the garden. It’s also been decorated with a range of stunning flowers and herbs, along with bar stools and an old palette in a matching pink shade to give the area a relaxed and stylish look!

Elsewhere in the article, Good Homes shares a stunning tiki bar from @lifeofaninteriorstylist, which is ideal for those of us in need of a holiday. The article also includes a beautiful shed bar from @renovating_number_eleven that’s been decorated with colourful flowers and stylish outdoor furniture, creating the perfect space for entertaining. One member of the jmm PR team even has their very own stylish garden bar (pictured below) inside a shed! A sideboard with stools has been used to create the bar area, with a separate table and chairs for relaxing. It’s been decorated with fairly lights, plaques, flower garlands and a monochrome rug, as well as a pale blue fridge for keeping drinks cool during the hot weather. It’s the perfect place to prepare cocktails and entertain family and friends!

Image: jmm PR

This article definitely isn’t one to miss, offering helpful and easy tips on how you can create your own stylish garden bar. Don’t forget to let us know which idea in the article is your favourite!


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23rd July 2021


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