ESG communications

An introduction to ESG communications

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are rapidly moving to the top of the agenda for businesses of all types. Additionally, having an effective ESG communications strategy is vital if you want to expand your company, engage your stakeholders and establish yourself as a business that is committed to improving its operations.

As well as adding significant value to your business, an effective and comprehensive ESG communications strategy is vital to help your company communicate with its stakeholders, including its investors, customers and workforce. Instead of merely considering profitability, investors are increasingly analysing a company’s ESG strategy to identify risk and growth opportunities. In addition to making your business more investable, an effective ESG strategy can help to boost opportunities and enhance stakeholder engagement, while improving your company’s reputation, particularly amongst consumers who are increasingly favouring businesses that commit to positive ESG practises.

ESG Communications
ESG Communications

What we can offer

As an award-winning PR agency, our team is experienced in developing and implementing ESG communications strategies for businesses operating across varying industries. We can support you in effectively communicating the positive impact your business is having on people, communities and the planet. Whether you are looking to develop an ESG communications strategy or need support in conveying your company’s commitment to ESG, we are highly adaptable and can assist you in determining the right approach for your business.

At jmm PR, we work with our clients to communicate and promote their environmental initiatives, community engagement, charity partnerships and commitments to developing and nurturing their workforces, helping them to achieve awareness among their target audience and stakeholders. Whether you have launched a new product or service that offers sustainable benefits, want to announce a new environmental project, community initiative or charity partnership, or look to celebrate your inclusion and diversity strategy, we can help your business establish itself as a thought leader in ESG.

Our approach

We prioritise getting to know your business, ensuring that we understand your company objectives, messaging and values. We will tailor our strategy to align with your identity, while ensuring we reach the right audience for your company, service or product.

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise in creating newsworthy and engaging content, we can also help your business build its relationship with the media, maximising the coverage you achieve while delivering your objectives and raising your company’s profile. As well as shouting about your company’s existing achievements, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to promote your business and develop your ESG communications strategy.

ESG Communications
ESG Communications

Our ESG communications services

At jmm PR, we work with our clients to develop and enhance their ESG communications, while helping to determine the most appropriate channels and platforms to help them reach their target audience. We pride ourselves in being able to convey even the most complex or technical information into clear, concise and compelling ESG communications and, thanks to our extensive expertise, we can craft messaging that leaves a lasting impression on stakeholders and journalists.

High quality, informative and engaging copywriting is key to effectively communicating your ESG strategy, and we are skilled in crafting copy that uses your tone of voice, reflects your values and resonates with your target audience. We offer a range of copywriting services that can help bring your ESG strategy to life, including press releases, feature requests, blog posts, award entries, social media posts, case studies and much more.

Get in touch

We can support businesses of all shapes and sizes with developing and communicating their ESG strategy, whether your company is well-established or just starting out. If you would like to discuss ESG communications with us, please get in touch via our contact form below. Alternatively, give us a call on 01536 414555 or email us at

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