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Food Waste Disposers Featured in One of a Kind Sustainable Housing Project

A unique, innovative and sustainable housing development, Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg, Sweden, boasts InSinkErator® food waste disposers as a sustainable solution for residents to manage their food waste. Consisting of approximately 350 residential apartments and three office buildings, as part of the first stage, Oceanhamnen aims to be an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable urban development. When complete, the development is estimated to boast 1,200 residential apartments and 40,000 square metres of office and hotel space, which will also include shops and local services such as a dentist and GP surgery.

A major aspect of the project is its new and unique sewerage system, which collects waste through three separate wastewater streams. InSinkErator® provided Oceanhamnen residents with an Evolution 100 food waste disposer to direct their food waste to RecoLab, a specially designed wastewater treatment facility, to support a project aim of reducing greenhouse gases in the area by 50 per cent*. Not only does collecting food waste in this way reduce greenhouse gas formation in landfill, the nutrients from the food waste can also be recovered and turned into biogas and fertiliser. Furthermore, by installing an InSinkErator® food waste disposer into every apartment means that residents of Oceanhamnen don’t have to handle smelly, unhygienic food waste, or have it lingering in their kitchen.

Through an independent survey conducted for NSVA (Nordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp/North West Scania Water and Waste Water) with residents of the sustainable housing project, InSinkErator® found that nearly all of those questioned (96 per cent) would choose to own a food waste disposer again**. Furthermore, 93 per cent would recommend the product to others and 79 per cent are enthusiastic and proud to show visitors their food waste disposer**. 70 per cent of those surveyed are satisfied with using a food waste disposer, compared to the alternative of collecting waste in paper bags and taking it to the basement of the building**.

Hamse Kjerstadius, Development Engineer, NSVA, says: “Present day sewerage systems are not built for recovery, they are built to remove nutrients and they do that very well, however, the systems that we have installed in Oceanhamnen are actually designed to recover products from wastewater.

“The main advantage is the separation of flows with a high concentration of nutrients and organic matter (food waste and sewage). Once we have separated them, we can apply much better technology at the treatment plant. And that’s the reason why we can increase the nutrient recovery so much.”

Anne Kaarlela, Marketing Communications and Customer Service Manager, Europe, InSinkErator® says: “We are thrilled to be part of the Oceanhamnen project, providing residents with a hygienic and sustainable solution to managing their food waste, while also ensuring the food waste generates biogas instead of producing methane in landfill. It’s important to us at InSinkErator® to participate and support projects that aim to enhance  consumers’ lives through innovative, sustainable developments and we hope that the positive outcomes from the Oceanhamnen project influence and encourage future sustainable housing developments.”

A video of the Oceanhamnen project is featured on the InSinkErator® website: https://insinkerator.emerson.com/en-gb/blog/insinkerator-sustainable-housing-project

For more information on sustainable products from InSinkErator®, please visit the website at www.insinkerator.co.uk




Image captions:

  1. The first stage of the Oceanhamnen sustainable housing project, Helsingborg, Sweden features an InSinkErator® food waste disposer in every residential apartment (Photography credit: Helsingborgs stad, David Lundin)
  2. The InSinkErator® Evolution 100 food waste disposer is a sustainable and hygienic food waste solution for the kitchen


Notes for editors:

* https://hplus.helsingborg.se/etapper/oceanhamnen/

** An independent survey conducted for NSVA with residents of the sustainable housing project. Five interviews were conducted, and the survey was answered by 30 residents (about 14 per cent of all households at the time of the survey, April 2021)


About InSinkErator®:

InSinkErator® is the UK and world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and the clear global market leader. Food waste disposers divert around 20 per cent of household waste away from landfill and have been shown to have a smaller carbon footprint than kerbside collection. In 2007 InSinkErator® launched a brand new product, the Steaming Hot Water Tap, which delivers filtered, steaming hot water on demand. The InSinkErator® range of steaming hot water taps has achieved approval from WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).

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