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Gallery Walls and Sustainable Gardens

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings stylish gallery wall ideas as well as some garden tips that will help you cut your energy bills!

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Ideal Home – Gallery wall ideas – 19 ways to display artwork in living rooms, hallways and more

Gallery walls can completely transform a space, creating a stylish focal point in even the most simple of rooms. Not only this, gallery walls can also be used in each and every room in the house, offering a versatile and simple solution to accessorising your walls. This article from Ideal Home is filled with tips and tricks on creating a stunning gallery wall, including some unique ideas that we’ve not seen before!

According to Ideal Home, #GalleryWall has been used on Instagram over 1.6 million times, and it’s not surprising to see why. Whether you opt for a simplistic display or your favourite prints, or a more creative, unique alternative to show off your eccentric style, this article includes a wide range of ideas, so there’s sure to be something that will suit your home. If you have lots of artwork of different shapes and sizes, why not try displaying them on a picture ledge, rather than hanging them on the wall? We love this idea and think it would look stunning above a bed or sofa! For a sophisticated feel, the article also suggests hanging matching frames symmetrically, in a neat grid layout. This can help to make a statement, without overpowering smaller spaces.

Not sure on a location for your new gallery wall? According to Ideal Home, the area on the wall behind the sofa is an ideal place, “as this will naturally be the central focus for most living room layouts.” Surprisingly, the bathroom is another great location for displaying artwork, and playing around with different textures and materials (such as in the example below) can add a stylish and personal touch to your space.

Image: Future PLC/ Paul Craig

Our favourite idea in the article, and one that’s ideal if you’re struggling to find artwork that suits your home, is to create a display by mounting and framing wallpaper. This enables you to select a colour, pattern and design of your choice, ensuring your gallery wall can perfectly complement your space, and it guarantees that your display will be completely unique too! If you’ve got all of the inspiration you need and are ready to hang your gallery wall, the article also includes some helpful do’s and don’ts, including the common mistakes to avoid.

We’re already big fans of showcasing our favourite prints, artwork and photographs on the walls of our homes here at jmm PR, but this article has inspired us to go one step further and create a dedicated gallery wall! Have you been inspired too? If so, let us which of these ideas you’ll be recreating in your own home!

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Good Homes – 7 garden hacks to help cut energy bills

With energy bills increasing in October, many people will be looking for some clever tips to help reduce their energy consumption. This Good Homes article has some neat tricks for using your garden to lower your energy usage both outside and inside your house.

When it gets cold, it can be tempting to turn on the heating rather than throwing on some extra layers. But if jumpers aren’t your thing, there is another option. Breaking up the wind in your garden could reduce your annual energy bill by up to 25 per cent. This involves planting a large tree or throwing up a tall fence to create a windbreaker, which will minimise any drafts in your house, reducing the likelihood that you’ll need to switch the heating on. This will also benefit you in the summer as it will add some extra shade in your garden, giving you an area to cool down in outside rather than needing to go into the house to use a fan or air conditioning.

Garden bars have become a popular outdoor trend since the pubs were closed in lockdown, you can check out our previous blog for some ideas on creating your own. However, as fun as they are, it is important to make sure the cooling section of your bar isn’t sitting in direct sunlight throughout the day. This is because a fridge will have to work harder in warm temperatures, which will cost more in electricity. Be sure to cut your costs by moving your bar, or at least the fridge, into a shaded area.

There are also various energy-saving options for garden features. An electric outdoor heater costs less to run than a gas heater, and LED garden lights are much more sustainable than regular lights. You can also choose your plants based on their water needs, some plants will require less water if they grow quickly and there’s even species that prefer dry conditions. Just make sure you know how much water they require so that you’re not giving them too much.

What tips do you have for cutting down your energy bill? Let us know in the comments!


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13th August 2021


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