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Gardening Trends and Happy Homes

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings gardening trends for 2021 and items that can increase your happiness at home.

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House Beautiful – 5 gardening trends set to bloom in 2021, according to the RHS

Here at jmm PR, we love to make sure we’re always keeping up with the latest styles when it comes to our homes, and ensuring our gardens are on-trend is certainly no exception! Anyone lucky enough to have a garden will understand just how important our outdoor spaces have become since the outbreak of Covid-19. Whether offering some much-needed fresh air during national lockdowns, allowing us to host family and friends safely when restrictions eased or acting as an office space for those of us working from home, our gardens have provided a safe haven for us to relax and enjoy nature over the past year. That’s why, when we found this article from House Beautiful on the top five gardening trends for 2021, we knew that it had to be featured in our Favourite Articles of the Week blog post!

According to the article, which is based on predictions made by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the top five trends to expect in 2021 are as follows:

  1. Comfort planting – The rise of delphiniums, lupins, foxgloves and poppies, perfect for creating a cottage garden feel while adding a pop of colour!
  2. Pick your own – Growing your own vegetables at home, such as potatoes, salad and onions, is a great way of eating more fresh ingredients, becoming more self-sufficient and saving money on your weekly shop.
  3. Lazy lawns – According to the RHS, the trend for perfectly manicured lawns is being replaced by fuss-free alternatives, allowing us to encourage more wildlife into our gardens.
  4. Starting small – Seeds are a great way to watch something grow from scratch, and they can also save you money too! According to the RHS, “the growing popularity of seeds – attributed to their low cost and with some harvested from supermarket produce for free – has seen many develop their skills in plant raising”.
  5. Soil recycling – Looking to be more sustainable in the garden? Try experimenting with ‘making mixers’, such as combining sieved soil with organic matter and re-using materials where possible.

Whatever the shape or size of your outdoor space, this article ensures that keeping up with the latest trends is simple and stress-free, and with warmer weather and brighter evenings on the horizon, there’s no better time to get our gardens looking their best. Will you be trying out any of these ideas? Let us know in the comments section!

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Livingetc – 15 buys that can make you happy at home – according to our editors

Livingetc has been celebrating its very own Happy Home Week by publishing articles focused on ways you can make your home a happier place to live. We absolutely love this concept and have enjoyed reading the uplifting articles that have featured on the Livingetc website this week. Our favourite of the Happy Home Week articles showcased 15 things you can buy to make you feel happier at home. What we loved most about this article is that each of the items are chosen from the homewares that the editors of Livingetc have in their own homes, with explanations as to why the individual items are so special to them.

Our favourite items featured in the article include the Scalloped Edged Oxford Pillowcase, the Sketch Floor Rug (pictured above) and the Oversized Decorative Vase. What’s more, if you think any of the items listed in the article will bring happiness to your home, Livingetc has included ‘where to buy’ links, so you can add your favourites straight to your basket!

Reading this article got us thinking what we have in our homes that make us happy. We loved discussing this topic so much that we wanted to share our happy home picks with you too! So here goes, the jmm PR top five:

  1. The first one is actually found just outside the home and is a beautiful wisteria that makes the house look pretty as a picture. Its purple flowers bloom every year and it brings joy when arriving home after a busy day
  2. Next up is a set of three pictures of one of the jmm PR pets, a gorgeous sprocker spaniel called Cookie! The frames are on a window ledge in the kitchen and bring happiness when doing the dishes
  3. We move to a happy, sunny and colourful south-facing dining room for the next choice, which has navy coloured curtains that are patterned with big pink flowers. To top it off, the curtains have a fabulous fluffy pink edged pelmet and we just love the drama of them
  4. Our fourth choice is a desk space, complete with a calming candle and a cosy throw to wrap up in. The whole space brings happiness and is the perfect place to sit and write without distraction
  5. Lastly we have a baby pink sofa! This two-seater is situated in an upstairs spare room that has been made into a cosy snug! The pretty pink colour fills the room with joy and it is the best place to relax in front of the TV

We would love to hear what brings you joy in your home too! It’s a great topic for discussion and really made us appreciate the things that we have. Let us know in the comments below.


Tessa and Steph at jmm PR

9th April 2021



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