Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer famous for its creative and innovative appliances, has introduced a new tumble dryer with a clever steam function to its laundry range.

The tumble dryer has long been the Cinderella of the kitchen; an appliance that consumers need but don’t really appreciate. Gorenje’s new D82426 will change that with its ability to reduce the creases in clothes, making ironing much less of a chore.

Today’s busy consumer will appreciate its steam drying programme for shirts. Simply place up to five shirts in the dryer and the steam will remove the creases. Then hang up for a while and the shirts are ready to wear. As with all of Gorenje’s tumble dryers, it has a 10-minute period at the end of the drying programme that slowly cools down the laundry to reduce the possibility of creasing, and automatic, periodic tumbling for up to an hour if the laundry is left in the dryer at the end of the programme.

Ruth Ferguson, Marketing Manager, Gorenje, says: “The new D82426 tumble dryer with steam makes ironing clothes much easier and, in many cases, a quick, simple job. It is the perfect appliance for busy consumers who would rather spend their time doing things they enjoy than doing the ironing.”

Key features and benefits of the D82426 steam tumble dryer:
• Freestanding condenser tumble dryer
• ‘B’ rated for energy efficiency, saving up to 13 per cent on ‘C’ rated tumble dryers, saving the consumer money
• Innovative steam programme which eases creases out of clothes, making ironing less of a chore
• Large load capacity of 8kg
• Cottons, synthetic, mix, wool and XL programmes to cope with every load of washing. The XL programme is perfect for items such as bedding, duvets, blankets etc.
• Delay Start for flexibility and to take advantage of any cheaper energy rates
• Digital display for remaining running time
• An easy-to-clean filter in the door for added convenience
• Audible signal to alert programme end or the condensation water container is full
• Automatic switch-off when the door is open
• Dimensions: H x W x D: 850 x 600 x 600 mm

For more information about Gorenje’s D82426 steam tumble dryer contact Gorenje on 020 8247 3980, or visit the website at www.gorenje.co.uk.


Image caption: The D82426 steam tumble dryer makes the iron almost obsolete!

7th July 2011

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