Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer famed for its creative and innovative appliances, is proud to announce its exciting new partnership with eco-friendly cleaning brand Ecover.

Gorenje and Ecover combine to make the perfect ‘green’ team, thanks to their shared desire to maintain eco-credentials and create products that do a great job. Gorenje is renowned for the excellent energy ratings of its appliances with highly efficient resource-saving functions, while Ecover boasts a wide range of cleaning and laundry products that have been cleverly developed using plant-based and mineral ingredients.

Since the start of their collaboration, Gorenje and Ecover have used a variety of promotional methods to educate consumers about the importance and benefits of switching to efficient appliances and sustainable products, and explain the great results that can be achieved. They have taken part in various joint competitions, while also appearing together at the Fashion Festival, held at Festival Place shopping centre in Basingstoke.

Ruth Ferguson, marketing manager for Gorenje, says: “We are pleased to partner with Ecover, the brand’s ethos perfectly complements our own and together we make a great team. It has become increasingly important to follow a sustainable, efficient lifestyle and we hope to raise awareness amongst consumers. We have lots of exciting activities in the pipeline so watch this space!”

Emma Bennetts, Ecover’s brand manager added: “Working with Gorenje is the perfect fit for us; we both have the same values and want to deliver great products that really work to our consumers. We complement each other and offer the perfect package – we look forward to the New Year and our on-going partnership.”

For further information about Gorenje’s eco-friendly products, please contact your area sales manager, call Gorenje on 0208 247 3980 or visit the website at www.gorenje.co.uk
For further information about Ecover or to buy products, please visit www.ecoverdirect.com


9th November 2011

Editors’ Notes:
About Gorenje
Established 60 years ago, Gorenje is one of Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturers, combining state-of-the-art technology with superior design and great value. Four million Gorenje appliances are sold every year in over 70 countries. Headquartered in Slovenia, the Gorenje Group employs approximately 10,800 people around the world. With its innovative, technologically perfected, environmentally friendly and stylish products, Gorenje is aiming to become the creator of the most innovative design-led home appliances in the world.

For further information and images please contact:
Sarah at JM Marketing
Tel: 01536 414555
Email: Sarah@jmmarketingservices.co.uk

About Ecover:
• Plant-astic is a 100 per cent renewable, reusable and recyclable plastic made from
sugarcane and Ecover is the first cleaning brand in the UK to use it, and will use Plant-astic across its product range in 2011. The new bottles will look and feel like the current bottles, but consumers will be able to distinguish them by looking out for the distinctive green and blue Plant-astic logo.
• Ecover is effective – Ecover harnesses the power of nature to create highly effective and supremely ecological cleaning products.
• Ecover is sustainable – Ecover uses sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients. All ingredients are chosen to ensure Ecover’s products are as effective as possible whilst also achieving the lowest possible toxicity and the most rapid and complete biodegradability.
• Ecover is pioneering – Ecover continually strives to improve its product range and has spent seven years developing a new ecological surfactant for use in its hard surface cleaning products. This new Eco-Surfactant means the range cleans as well as – or better than – the UK’s leading conventional brands. The products are made with fully renewable plant-based ingredients.
• Ecover is a truly ecological company – Ecover operates from its world-famous ecological factories in Belgium and France. The company’s guidelines for environmental criteria, the selection of ingredients and manufacturing processes are far stricter that those required by EU legislation. Ecover has been recognised by the United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) for their outstanding practical achievements for the protection and improvement of our environment.
• Ecover is closer than you think – Ecover’s ecological factories in France and Belgium are just 200 and 250 miles from London. This is approximately the same distance between Manchester and London, so although Ecover is not based in the UK, the transportation miles involved in distributing their products are comparable to those of UK based cleaning companies.
• Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – Ecover’s plastic bottles are made from polypropylene and polyethylene which are 100% recyclable. Both bottles and tops can be recycled together. Ecover offers a refill service through its health food store network which allows consumers to save money and plastic resources. Visit www.ecover.com to find out where your nearest refill station is.

For more information please call Ecover press office on 0117 9731 173 or email ecoverpr@brayleino.co.uk



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