Gorenje introduces SterilTub to keep your washing machine smelling like new

Gorenje, one of the most genuinely innovative manufacturers in the kitchen appliance industry has very effectively addressed and corrected a familiar and odious problem with its new SterilTub programme.

Very simply, the Gorenje SterilTub is a special self-cleaning programme to rid those unpleasant odours from the washing machine that arise through regular use of washing cycles at low temperatures.  Although detergent manufacturers are encouraging us to use lower temperatures, and label declarations on modern fabrics suggest we wash clothes at 30°C and 40°C, all of which are very eco-friendly, this has a downside. If the majority of wash cycles are performed at less than 60°C, this can lead to both the clothes (although actually clean) and the washing machine developing a stale and even an offensive odour. Even a pleasant detergent and softener fragrance will not mask the unpleasant smell.

Gorenje’s SterilTub technology will feature on all new washing machines in 2010, offering a total solution to an old and persistent problem.  But how does that unpleasant odour build up in the first place and how does SterilTub tackle it?  During the normal wash cycle, the grease from the clothes sticks to the upper part of the drum where, because of low water temperature and low water level, it remains stuck.  When it is mixed with detergent residue this is the ideal place for the development of bacteria, and it may start to develop a stale smell.

Gorenje’s SterilTub self-cleaning programme operates with an empty drum and a high temperature of around 80°C. More water is used than normal, and at double the normal spinning speed will reach the most remote of corners of the tub and effectively wipe-out bacteria build-up.  The results are exceptional, producing clean inner parts of the washing machine, and clothes will be laundered efficiently even when washed at lower temperatures with environmentally-friendly detergents.

Ruth Ferguson, Marketing Manager of Gorenje UK, says: “Our SterilTub system is another important statement of intent from Gorenje as a design-led and genuinely innovative company. The self-cleaning programme is easy to activate and cleans the drum thoroughly, but consumers can also improve the overall cleanliness of their machines by getting into good habits.

“We recommend that the SterilTub programme is run once a month, but it is important to remember other little things. Regularly wipe the seal on the inner door; keep the porthole of your machine slightly ajar, and leave the detergent drawer open until your next wash. All these important parts of your washer need air to flow around them and prevent unpleasant odours.”

For further information on Gorenje’s SterilTub call Gorenje on 0208 247 3980 or visit the website at www.gorenje.co.uk for your nearest stockist.


Image caption: Gorenje’s SterilTub self-cleaning programme for a fresh clean washing machine even at low temperatures.

8th March 2010

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