Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer famous for its innovative and technologically advanced appliances, has introduced a larger capacity washing machine to its laundry range.

Many consumers today are looking for as large an internal capacity as possible and Gorenje’s new WA82145 freestanding washing machine has an 8kg capacity while still fitting in the same space as other washing machines. The large drum means fewer loads are needed to do the weekly wash, saving the consumer time, effort and money. It not only reduces creasing, cutting the time the consumer has to spend ironing, but has lots of room to wash bulky items such as curtains.

Although the WA82145 has a large capacity it is thrifty in its use of resources. Rated ‘A-10%’ for energy usage it consumes 10 per cent less energy than an ‘A’ rated machine. It also features Gorenje’s UseLogic® control technology, which uses electronic sensors to make sure only the right amount of water is used for each wash.

In addition, there are several programmes specially designed to be environmentally friendly, including the ECO 30ºC wash option that provides excellent washing results at a lower temperature. To save the consumer money, the WA82145 also features a delayed start function, which the consumer can use to programme their laundry to run at night, when cheaper energy rates may be available.

Key benefits and features of Gorenje’s WA82145 washing machine
• ‘A-10%’ rated for energy use meaning it consumes 10 per cent less energy than an ‘A’ rated appliance, saving the consumer money
• UseLogic® technology minimises water use, cutting consumers’ water bills and protecting the planet
• Large 8kg capacity to wash more clothes less often, saving time and resources
• ECO 30ºC programme, which saves energy by giving superb results at a lower temperature
• Range of other programmes including Quick Wash, useful for quickly washing lightly soiled garments, Cotton, Delicate and Silk, Hand Wash and Cold Wash
• Detergent Saving System that prevents the loss of detergent during water intake, saving up to 20 per cent on detergent costs
• Spin speed of 1400rpm to reduce drying times
• Large porthole of 33 cm to make loading and unloading easier, even of bulky items such as blankets
• Start delay setting of up to 24 hours to allow consumers to take advantage of cheaper energy rates
• Quiet operation – washing 54 dB(A) and spinning 72 dB(A)
• Retails at approximately £455
• Dimensions: H x W x D: 850 x 600 x 600 mm.

Ruth Ferguson, Marketing Manager at Gorenje, says: “The 8kg capacity WA82145 is perfect for today’s busy lifestyles as it allows the consumer to wash more clothes, more cost-efficiently, less often, saving them time, effort and money. And, as it fits into the same space as a standard washing machine, it fits neatly into every home.”

For further information on Gorenje’s laundry appliances, please call your Area Sales Manager or Gorenje on 0208 247 3980, or visit the website at www.gorenje.co.uk


Image caption: The 8kg WA82145 washing machine is perfect for today’s busy lifestyles as it allows the consumer to wash more, less often.

31st May 2011

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