Gorenje launches new HomeCHEF oven with pyrolitic cleaning

Gorenje, the Slovenian appliance manufacturer famed for its creative and innovative appliances, has added a further benefit to its revolutionary HomeCHEF oven to include pyrolitic cleaning.

The HomeCHEF oven, one of the most innovative and advanced kitchen appliances from Gorenje now features pyrolitic cleaning, making the chore of cleaning the oven a breeze. A further new feature on the BOP 9958 AX HomeCHEF oven is the highly energy efficient UltraCoolDoor system – incredibly safe and considered among the best in the market. An extremely low exterior oven door temperature during cooking, as cool as 30°C, and of course while pyrolitic cleaning, ensures additional safety in the kitchen. The HomeCHEF also has a new GentleClose, soft-closing oven door.

Alongside a large 64 litre capacity and efficient ‘A’ energy rating, a true highlight of the Gorenje HomeCHEF is its patented, unique, electronic touch control panel. Its large full-colour display allows selection of the required functions by simply sliding a finger across the screen. The HomeCHEF oven has a vast selection of pre-loaded menus and cooking functions, perfect for use by both cooking novices and experts alike, with photo- realistic and vibrant images.

The Gorenje HomeCHEF oven offers six operating modes for every kind of dish:
• The STEPbake mode allows the consumer to create their own combination of up to three separate oven temperatures with individual cooking times. For example, for rasting you could set the oven to a high temperature to seal the meat; it will then automatically turn down to a medium heat to allow for cooking through, and finish at a higher setting for crisping or additional browning.
• PRObake is perfectly suited to the novice or chef alike, as it allows total freedom to control all aspects of the cooking process, including the elements used, the temperature and the duration. This allows the seasoned chef to use their experience and knowledge to control the appliance exactly as they wish.
• The AUTObake option boasts up to 65 pre-programmed dishes classified into logical categories; simply select the dish on screen and touch Start. The appliance will asses the mass of meat, for example, and the oven will adjust the settings automatically.
• The MYbake option allows the user to store commonly used cooking programmes; these could be the favourite dishes from the AUTObake menu or of the consumer’s creation from the PRObake or STEPbake modes. These are stored in an easy to access personalised cooking library of up to 150 dishes.
• The SIMPLEbake mode offers nine food options, representing the most common categories of dish the consumer typically prepares. Simply choose the dish and the technology does the rest, automatically selecting the cooking programme, temperature and time; however, if required any of these can be changed by the touch of the screen.

In addition, there are also a number of other useful innovative features pre-programmed into the HomeCHEF oven, such as rapid pre-heat, plate warming, and defrosting. The HomeCHEF ably demonstrates the ability of Gorenje to effortlessly combine highly advanced cooking technology with radical design to ensure a thoroughly modern, simple user experience that yields excellent results.

Lauren Abbott, Marketing Manager, for Gorenje, says: “The Gorenje HomeCHEF truly heralds the next generation of cooking appliances, and adding a pyrolitic cleaning option adds extra functionality to the appliance while making the consumer’s life easier. Pyrolitic cleaning is increasingly becoming a key consumer demand as they look for ways to reduce the time spent on household chores, and it is the next logical step for the popular HomeCHEF oven.”

Key features and benefits of the new Gorenje BOP 9958 AX HomeCHEF built-in oven
• Built-in single oven with innovative colour touchscreen operation
• New Pyrolitic cleaning feature with UltraCoolDoor system with three layers of glass to improve performance and efficiency while ensuring safe handling
• Large full-colour TFT display offering unique and simple operation
• Patented cooking menu system offers a selection of precisely engineered cooking modes; STEPbake, PRObake, AUTObake, MYbake and SIMPLEbake
• Spacious 64 litre oven capacity with super-size baking area for cooking bigger items
• Multi-function oven including conventional, fan heating, grill, grill and fan, defrost, bottom heat and fan, twin adjustable grill, plate warming and stay warm setting
• Fast preheat function, reaching 200° in just six minutes
• Unique HomeMade® technology modelled on traditional wood-fired bread oven; ensures more efficient circulation and even distribution of hot air inside the oven
• DC+ for safe use – a highly efficient cooling system designed to keep the external temperature of the oven safe during the cooking process
• GentleClose soft oven door closing system
• EcoClean enamel coated oven interior gives even distribution of heat, while preventing grease from sticking to oven, making maintenance incredibly easy
• Glass control panel with ergonomic handle
• Easily removable door for cleaning and maintenance
• Meat probe for perfect roasting results every time
• ‘A’ energy rating for true efficiency
• Stylish black and stainless steel design, complementing other products in the Gorenje Pure built-in range
• Free five-year parts and labour guarantee for peace of mind
• Dimensions: H x W x D: 595 x 597 x 565 mm
• The approximate price of the HomeCHEF oven is £1,078

For further information about the Gorenje HomeCHEF please call Gorenje on 0208 247 3980 or visit the website at www.gorenje.co.uk


Image caption: The Gorenje HomeCHEF, a revolutionary new built-in oven with colour touch-control and patented multi-step baking system, which now features pyrolitic cleaning

Editors’ Notes:
About Gorenje
Established over 60 years ago, Gorenje is one of Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturers, combining state-of-the-art technology with superior design and great value. Four million Gorenje appliances are sold every year in over 70 countries. Headquartered in Slovenia, the Gorenje Group employs approximately 10,800 people around the world. With its innovative, technologically perfected, environmentally friendly and stylish products, Gorenje is aiming to become the creator of the most innovative design-led home appliances in the world.

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8th October 2013



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