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Grey Bedrooms and Petite Ponds

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings tips on creating a stylish grey bedroom and small pond ideas for your garden.

Image: I Love Wallpaper

Good Homes – 5 grey bedroom ideas for decor inspiration

We love sharing articles in our weekly blog posts that provide inspiration on how to use certain colours in our homes (you can check out a couple of previous examples here and here). That’s why, when we spotted this article from Good Homes on stylish grey bedrooms, we instantly knew that we had to feature it in this week’s Favourite Articles of the Week blog post!

Grey is a super trendy colour that provides a sophisticated feel, making it perfect for bedrooms. Not only this, the colour also comes in an array of tones and shades, meaning it can complement a variety of different décor styles. In this article, Good Homes provides five tips on how to use grey to create a stylish bedroom space. The first tip explains the importance of incorporating patterns and panelling in your grey bedroom, with exposed brickwork, wood panelling or 3D wallpaper all being fantastic options for adding texture to your space.

The article goes on to explain how metallic accents can provide a stunning contrast in a grey bedroom. According to Good Homes, silver is perfect for pairing with light grey schemes, while gold or copper bring out warmth in darker spaces. Our favourite idea in the article is to pair grey with another colour (pink and grey is undoubtedly our most loved colour combination here at jmm PR!), as this can help to bring warmth to cooler grey tones. Yellow is another gorgeous shade that works really well in grey bedrooms, providing a pop of colour to a space that may otherwise look cold and dull.

Image: The French Bedroom Co

If you’re considering introducing grey into your bedroom, whether you’re going all out and repainting the walls or are just looking to purchase some stylish new accessories, this article is a must-read. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on these ideas for creating a stunning grey bedroom and we’d love to hear what your favourite colour to pair with grey is too!

Image: Neil Hepworth/RHS

Gardeningetc – Small garden pond ideas: 12 petite ponds for little backyards

A pond doesn’t always have to be a large addition to your garden. In fact, even the tiniest body of water will bring serenity to your outdoor space. This is why we loved this article by Gardeningetc, which has some petite pond ideas for small gardens.

A streamlined design can fit in well with the smallest of gardens and will also be easier to place than a circular layout. On top of this, it can be framed with flowers and paving slabs to bring added texture to the look. But that doesn’t mean a circular arrangement is a bad choice as they are not only visually appealing, but they can also generate the illusion of a larger space. In the article, Dave Green’s ‘Stop and Pause Garden’ makes the pond the centre piece of a rounded seating area, with steps curving round to lead to a sheltered bench (see pictured below).

Image: Tim Sandall/RHS

You can also position your pond underneath some steps to create a more adventurous interaction. This doubles as a space saver as the area underneath the steps is rarely used for anything else. Another exciting idea would be to add stepping stones across the pond in place of a path, which will bring a more playful touch to your outdoor space. A vintage bath will also add a livelier atmosphere to your garden, as well as being easy to install. Accompanying it with some flowers will further make it look a part of your garden.

What was your favourite petite pond idea from this article? Let us know in the comments!


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16th July 2021

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