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Hotpoint Provides Sustainable Laundry Solutions

Sustainability and energy efficiency have long been growing trends in laundry appliances. However this trend is more significant than ever in 2021, with the on-going impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the introduction of the new energy labelling system.

A study previously conducted on behalf of Hotpoint found that 68 per cent of UK consumers think about the impact that the chore of doing the laundry can have on the environment; while 80 per cent noted the efficient use of appliances as an action to take for a sustainable home*. Additionally, a study focusing on the change in consumer habits, following the COVID-19 outbreak, shows that there has been a 46 per cent increase in the interest of saving resources in relation to major domestic appliances**.

Hotpoint is committed to improving sustainability, and energy efficiency in laundry appliances, enabling consumers to care for their clothes as well as the environment. The easiest way to identify the efficiency of an appliance is to look at its energy label.

With consumers more environmentally conscious than ever before, and appliance technology increasingly advanced, leading to greater energy efficiency, the time has arrived to update the energy labelling system. The energy labelling system became more complex to mirror the advances in appliance technology with additional ‘+’ classes added to describe products that exceeded the original A rating. Now, to simplify the labelling system, the plus classes (A+++, A++ and A+) have been rescaled with a clearer energy consumption scale from A to G. With this comes new and tougher measurement methods, which will encourage the creation of increasingly resource efficient appliances and challenge all manufacturers to place a focus on energy and water efficiency.

The transition to the new energy label is happening in stages, with washing machines and washer dryers being among the first appliance categories to make the change. The Hotpoint ActiveCare 10 kg washing machine (NM11 1044 WC A UK N), for example, has been classified with a ‘B’ energy rating on the new scale, which reflects its good energy and water credentials. The label includes information on energy and water consumption, as well as other things such as capacity and noise level. This enables consumers to easily compare the ratings between appliances to help them choose the most efficient model within their budget. Each new label also features a QR code that consumers can scan, with their smartphones, to get the clearest-ever understanding of an appliance’s energy and resource performance and its many other benefits.

Aside from energy and water efficiency, Hotpoint also enables consumers to make more sustainable choices when completing the chore of laundry. Lower wash temperatures have a positive effect on the environment, as less energy is used to heat the water. With this in mind, the Hotpoint ActiveCare range of washing machines removes more than 100 stains at just 20°C***. In addition, for enhanced hygiene when washing at a lower temperature, the Hotpoint Steam Hygiene feature injects steam directly into the drum, at the end of the wash cycle, removing up to 99.9 per cent of the most common bacteria****.

What’s more, Hotpoint ActiveCare laundry technology eliminates the need to pre-treat stained garments, saving the consumer time and resources. Active Mousse technology pre-mixes the water with the detergent, before it enters the washing machine drum, which creates a mousse that penetrates the laundry quicker than traditional cleaning methods, massaging the clothes clean. This eliminates the need for dedicated pre-treatment stain removers in single-use plastic bottles.

Furthermore, using laundry appliances, with a greater capacity, less frequently has a positive effect on the environment as fewer and larger wash loads save water, electricity and detergent. UK consumers are fairly good at this with 69 per cent* doing the laundry when the basket is full. The Hotpoint integrated washer dryer (BI WDHG 961484 UK) features a generous 9 kg wash capacity and 6 kg dry capacity. The capacity of an integrated laundry appliance is often compromised by the luxury of it being built into kitchen furniture. However, the washer dryer (BI WDHG 961484 UK) from Hotpoint allows those who desire a larger capacity to upgrade their appliance, without the need for more space under the counter. Its spacious 9+6 kg capacity is ideal for large families and it has been designed to fit into a standard under-counter space*****.

Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint Brand Manager, says: “We find that consumers desire to run a more energy efficient household, but often don’t know the best way to do so. Hotpoint therefore encourages everyone to look the energy label at the point of purchase to help choose the most efficient appliance for them. Beyond this, we recommend that consumers make the most of the clever technology within their laundry appliance to maximise its efficiency and think about the small changes you can make, such as washing at a lower temperature, to live a more sustainable lifestyle.”

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Image captions:

  1. The Hotpoint ActiveCare 10 kg washing machine (NM11 1044 WC A UK N) takes care of clothes and removes more than 100 stains at just 20C***
  2. The Hotpoint ActiveCare 10 kg washing machine (NM11 1044 WC A UK N) boasts an efficient ‘B’ energy rating
  3. The Hotpoint integrated washer dryer (BI WDHG 961484 UK) benefits from a generous 9 kg wash capacity and 6 kg dry capacity

Notes for editors:

Survey conducted by Kantar on behalf of Hotpoint during July 2019

** Whirlpool Covid-19 Tracking July – 504 Sept/Oct 2020

*** Obtained on Anti Stain program (tested on Cotton) and ActiveCare option activated. Example of stains tested: pizza, coffee, pen ink, milk with cacao, bronzer, mud.

**** Tested by Anti Allergy UK.

***** Consumers should check their individual under-counter space before purchasing a new appliance

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