How to write a great press release

Have you got news to share? Perhaps you are looking to boost your company’s visibility with your trade or consumer audience via some press coverage? One of the best ways of getting media attention is to issue a press release.

The purpose of a press release is to announce something that is newsworthy with the intention of it being picked up by a journalist and reported in the media. A journalist’s day-to-day schedule can be hectic, so it’s important that a press release is attention-grabbing, punchy and informative. To help, we have put together a short guide on how to write a great press release.

Press release template

Start with a template. It is easier to fill in each section rather than trying to type onto a blank page. An easy press release template to start with is:

  1. Headline – this should be informative, to the point and sum up your news story in a few words. Don’t try to get creative with catchy puns or a play on words, that’s the journalist’s job! You just need to ensure they know what your press release is about.
  2. Lead paragraph – expand on the headline and summarise the story in a sentence or two. The journalist should know the main focus by this point.
  3. Body – here you can go into more detail, providing content, context and colour to your story. We would recommend keeping this to around two paragraphs as you don’t want a press release to be too long.
  4. Quote – include a paragraph that is attributed directly to a key spokesperson from your company. Journalists often include direct quotes in their articles, and this saves them having to reach out to you and request one.
  5. Call to action – give the reader an opportunity to engage with you. For example, if your press release is on an award you have won for your bakery, your call to action would encourage the reader to visit your bakery, get in touch to find out more or check out your website and social channels.
  6. Ends – it’s always good to write ‘Ends’ on a line on its own at this point, so the journalist knows that the bulk of information related to the press release topic has now finished.

Extra information

There are a few extra details that should be included underneath your main press release, to help journalists that may be looking for some further information. This includes:

  1. Image captions – you’ll want to issue some images with your press release to visualise the story. Include ‘Image captions’ as a sub-heading and then write a brief description of each image underneath. If the images include people, list their names and job titles from left to right.
  2. Boilerplate – a boilerplate is a paragraph that provides general information about your company. It should include what you offer, when you were founded and key messages such as your ethos or company vision.
  3. Media contact details – list your name, the company name, telephone number and include the email address of the person issuing the press release. A journalist can then easily contact you if they require any further information.
  4. Date – finally, put the date that you issue the press release at the bottom.

Press release example

If you are looking for a press release example, then head to our press centre. It’s where we upload all the press releases that we issue on behalf of our clients.

Top tips
  1. Keep a press release short and simple – journalists may only read the headline and opening paragraph so don’t stress and over-complicate it.
  2. Proof-read and double check your work – always get at least two people to read over your press release before you issue it. You’ll be amazed at what mistakes a new set of eyes can spot! Share it with your colleagues for feedback or, if you are a one-man band, ask your friends and family to help.
  3. If you are planning to issue press releases on a regular basis, then it’s worth contacting a PR agency.

Good luck! If you have any questions on how to write a great press release or you are considering working with a PR agency, let us know and we’ll be pleased to help you. To get in touch, please fill out the contact form below or give us a call on 01536 414555 or email us at



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30th August 2022


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