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Indesit Takes Its #DoItTogether Campaign To The Next Level In 2018

Over the past year, Indesit’s #DoItTogether campaign has raised awareness of the gender imbalance in domestic chores. While society has made great strides forward in equal rights, housework is an area where there is still a huge distance to travel: according to the OECD, “female partners spend twice as much time on housework than men”. Although progress is being made, in Britain, 81 per cent of housework is still done by women1, while in France women do 73 per cent2, and in Russia 64.5 per cent of housework is still done by women3.


That’s why sharing domestic chores more fairly – and breaking down the idea that some jobs belong to certain people in the household – would be a crucial step towards true equality. For this reason, Indesit is excited to announce that it will be continuing #DoItTogether in 2018, with a new video and a range of PR and social media activities that encourage us all to think about how families of every type can take positive action. As well as raising awareness of this important social issue in a lighthearted and thought-provoking way, Indesit is continuing to create appliances that make everyday tasks simpler, faster and stress-free to help reduce the burden of housework.

Indesit’s #DoItTogether is a digitally-led campaign focused on promoting the imbalance of household chores, which features a range of activities via the dedicated website and social media. These aim to get families thinking about how fairly they share the chores and the steps they could take to make a change for the better. The campaign mirrors Indesit’s ongoing commitment to create easy to use, family-friendly appliances that are accessible to all users.

“Indesit is a brand with purpose that is committed to making both family life and society better. As a result, we are very excited to be taking #DoItTogether even further this year,” explains Alexandra Rusu, Head of Marketing Indesit Brand EMEA. “We want to bring this story to life through compelling engaging content and social experiences that engage consumers in a relevant way.”


The role of appliances in breaking down barriers

Household appliances – no matter how humble – have actually played a vital historical role in the story of gender equality, by automating so much of the hard domestic chores that once dominated women’s lives. Yet even today, the complexity of some appliances can stand in the way of more flexible home lives. One aspect of #DoItTogether is to show that thanks to Indesit’s brilliantly easy to use appliances, sharing is now so much simpler.

“Through better product design we can ensure that specific domestic tasks no longer require one person in the household to have special knowledge of how to work an appliance,” explains Sara Bazeley, Brand Manager, Indesit. “With both #DoItTogether and our latest products, our goal is ensure that anyone in the home – male or female – young or old – should feel it is within their ability and their responsibility to do their bit.”

Recent Indesit products have focused on brilliantly simple interfaces and operation – making it easy for anyone to get excellent results on essential everyday tasks. These have included the Innex washing machine with the ultra-simple Push&Wash feature that starts a cycle with a single press of a button, the eXtra hygienic dishwasher with a dedicated BabyCare Cycle for maximum hygiene, and the Aria oven and microwave with a dedicated Turn&Cook dial for fast access to simpler assisted cooking modes, allowing the perfect cooking of more than 80 tasty daily recipes.


An inspiring new video

The next phase of the campaign will feature an all-new video. The video opens with a montage of families that shows the joys and moments of everyday life mixed with scenes of housework. But there’s an important twist, halfway through, it is brought to our attention that all the work we’ve seen on screen – including looking after children – has been done by female family members. We are then asked if we had noticed this – a question that invites us to consider the behaviours we take for granted. The video then shows the same families again, but presents them sharing both the jobs and pleasures of the home – a fairer way that makes life simpler and brings families closer together.

As society changes, today’s families are increasingly made of up a rich diversity of ages, races, and lifestyles too. Indesit is proud to celebrate and support family life of every type and hence these diverse family structures are depicted in the new video.

Alongside the new video, Indesit will be kicking off a series of new online and social media activities to support the campaign under the umbrella message of #DoItTogether. Activities will include a social media contest in which participants can show, with a picture, how they help each other with every day chores and #DoItTogether, with the possibility to win amazing prizes from Indesit that offer “everyday proof” and life proof features.

For more information on the #DoItTogether campaign, please see the following video:

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  1. Indesit’s #DoItTogether campaign promotes gender equality in the home and encourages families to share the household chores

Notes for editor:

1 Independent research company Fly Research questioned 2,000 people in April 2017 from across the country

2 OECD Balancing paid work, unpaid work and leisure, 2014.

3 Lippe, T. van der, J. Treas, L. Norbutas. (2017). Unemployment and the division of housework in Europe. Work, Employment and Society.


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