InSinkErator Campaigns For Consumers To Reduce Their Single-Use Plastic Waste

To mark Plastic Free July, InSinkErator® has embarked on a consumer facing campaign to encourage the reduction of single-use plastic waste. As part of the campaign, InSinkErator® examined the vast amount of single-use plastic water bottles purchased in the UK and illustrated the figures alongside iconic city landmarks to quantify the startling issue with consumers. For example, Londoners buy enough single-use plastic water bottles every year to cover 890 times the length of the River Thames if the bottles were laid vertically*.

Plastic Free July is a global initiative that aims to reduce the environmental impact single-use plastic waste has on land, as well as in the oceans. InSinkErator® supports the objective of the initiative and, to help others make changes for the future of our planet, is sharing tips on how to reduce plastic pollution, as well as hosting giveaways for consumers to win specialist kitchen taps for their own homes.

A staggering 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are purchased in the UK annually**, and according to Water UK, 15 million plastic water bottles are littered, landfilled or incinerated every day***. Therefore, this Plastic Free July, InSinkErator® invites everyone to ‘tackle plastic waste together’ and recommends that fans of bottled water purchase a reusable bottle, instead of habitually buying bottled water. Additionally, InSinkErator® is also encouraging consumers to recycle their single-use plastic bottles or find a new purpose for them.

One simple way to reduce plastic waste is to decrease your consumption of single-use, plastic bottled water. However, for those that prefer the taste of filtered water compared to tap water, InSinkErator® recommends installing a specialist kitchen tap in their own homes that instantly dispenses filtered cold water, ready to drink. By investing in a specialist kitchen tap that dispenses filtered cold water, consumers will no longer need to buy bottled water; especially when a variety of re-fillable drinking bottles are available. The WRAS approved InSinkErator® 4N1 Touch tap dispenses filtered cold water at the touch of a button, filtered steaming hot water as well as regular hot and cold options from the same combined fixture. The InSinkErator® portfolio also boasts the Moderno collection of side taps that dispense filtered steaming hot water and filtered cold water and are designed to sit alongside a standard mixer tap.

Anne Kaarlela, Marketing Communications and Customer Service Manager, Europe, InSinkErator®, says: “The amount of single-use plastic water bottles still being purchased is astonishing, especially when there are so many solutions available as an alternative, including outdoor drinking water fountains and stylish reusable bottles. This Plastic Free July, we’re continuing to champion the aims of the initiative and encourage everyone to reduce their single-use plastic waste wherever possible. We hope our mini campaign strikes a chord with consumers and persuades them to consider the alternatives, including asking kitchen specialists for a tap that dispenses filtered cold water in their own homes.”

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 Image captions:
1. InSinkErator® reveals that Londoners buy enough single-use plastic water bottles every year to cover 890 times the length of the River Thames if the bottles were laid vertically*
2. The InSinkErator® 4N1 Touch tap dispenses filtered steaming hot water, filtered cold water and regular hot and cold options from the same combined fixture
3. The InSinkErator® Moderno Side taps 3010 and 3020 are available in two shapes and four metallic finishes

About InSinkErator®:
InSinkErator®, part of Whirlpool Corporation, is the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and the clear global market leader. InSinkErator® invented the food waste disposer over 90 years ago, offering consumers a hygienic solution to manage food waste in their homes and as an alternative to composting where not possible. Today InSinkErator® has a range of models, designed to suit different family sizes and home cooking needs. InSinkErator also manufactures specialist kitchen taps that are designed to streamline the kitchen, by removing the need for a kettle. InSinkErator® specialist kitchen taps are available as a combined fixture or stand-alone additional tap, in a number of shapes and on-trend finishes. The latest innovation from InSinkErator® is the 4N1 Touch tap that offers instant filtered steaming hot water, instant filtered cold water and regular hot and cold water from one combined fixture.

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11th July 2023

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