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InSinkErator Supports Watford Foodbank

Watford based, food waste disposer manufacturer, InSinkErator® has donated items to its local foodbank in Watford.

Watford Foodbank is a registered charity, managed by volunteers, that supports both individuals and families in need of food in the Watford area. Food is donated by members of the public, schools and local community groups that is then collated as part of a three day nutritionally balanced food parcel for those that need it. Watford Foodbank is also part of a national foodbank network, The Trussell Trust, which aims to overcome poverty and hunger in the UK. In 2020 alone, Watford Foodbank provided free emergency food packages to over 11,000 people.

As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce food waste, as well as supporting those in need in its local community, InSinkErator® supported Watford Foodbank as part of Food Waste Action Week, which took place between 1st and 7th March 2021. The initiative focussed on the message that ‘Wasting Food Feeds Climate Change’, which InSinkErator® champions and continually advocates for through its efforts in educating consumers on the impact food waste has on the wider environment.

Anne Kaarlela, Marketing Communications and Customer Service Manager, Europe and Russia, InSinkErator®, says: “At InSinkErator®, we believe it is necessary for us all to make lifestyle changes to protect the future of our planet and encourage the use of leftovers to create new dishes. It’s vitally important that no food goes to waste, especially when there are so many people relying on the support of foodbanks.

“We admire, and thank, the wonderful volunteers that support individuals and families in Watford, where our UK headquarters are based. As part of our efforts during Food Waste Action Week, we contacted the foodbank and offered to donate items that were in short supply and we will continue to donate to the foodbank in the near future.

“It is crucial that we all understand the impact of our behaviour and the influence it has on the wider environment. At InSinkErator®, we will continue to educate consumers on the effect food waste has at landfill sites, while offering sustainable solutions to reduce the amount of food waste ending up in landfill.”

Food Waste Action Week promoted reusing leftovers to recreate dishes and storing food correctly to ensure all edible food is eaten. Despite our best efforts, some food waste, such as vegetable peelings and egg shells, is inevitable. An InSinkErator® food waste disposer is a convenient solution to this problem and safely grinds inedible food waste with ease, especially when home composting is not possible. Using a food waste disposer diverts food waste from ending up in landfill. Furthermore, with less food waste in landfill, the household’s carbon footprint and the associated greenhouse gases are also reduced.

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Image captions:

  1. InSinkErator® donated items to Watford Foodbank as part of Food Waste Action Week
  2. As the global leader and inventor of food waste disposers, InSinkErator®has a range of models to suit every kitchen, family and lifestyle

About InSinkErator®:

InSinkErator® UK, a business unit of Emerson, is the UK and world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and the clear global market leader. Food waste disposers divert around 20 per cent of household waste away from landfill and have been shown to have a smaller carbon footprint than kerbside collection. In 2007 InSinkErator® launched a brand new product, the Steaming Hot Water Tap, which delivers filtered, steaming hot water on demand. The InSinkErator® range of steaming hot water taps has achieved approval from WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).

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19th March 2021



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