Interior Design Rules, Orange Décor and Bar Carts

We can’t believe August is almost over already! It’s been another super exciting month for us here at jmm PR. We started working with a brand new client and we also hosted a competition over on our Instagram where the lucky winner received a summer bundle packed with goodies. We also continued to work towards lots of fantastic coverage for our clients!

It’s that time of month where we share our favourite articles that we’ve read over the past few weeks. This month, our top picks were blog posts from Pooky and The Listed Home, along with an article by Homes & Gardens. Keep reading to find out more…

Image: @tobyshome via Instagram

Pooky – Five interior design conventions – and how to break them

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when scrolling through homes and interiors websites for design inspiration or flicking through the latest issues of your favourite home décor magazines. There seem to be so many rules when it comes to designing, decorating, refurbishing and renovating, including which colours to avoid, where to place furniture and which prints, materials and fabrics to avoid using together. That’s why, as soon as we came across this blog post by Pooky Lights, we instantly knew it would be an interesting read! The article lists five common interior design rules, before explaining why and how these rules can be broken.

Image: Pooky Lights

The first rule mentioned in the blog post is that you must choose things that match. However, as Pooky explains, “…we’ve seen a big shift in design trends towards a brave, fun, maximalist approach, which celebrates different colours, patterns, styles and textures.” According to the blog post, the key to tying everything together is to include some common elements, while creating a statement. The blog post also examines common decorating rules including sticking to the same period style throughout a room, as well as avoiding the use of dark colours in small spaces. We love Pooky’s idea of using bold colours as the main backdrop in a room, rather than having to base everything around a neutral colour scheme.

What are your favourite interior design rules to break? Make sure you let us know in the comments!

Image: DFS

The Listed Home – Colour Your World | #8 Pantone Tangerine

jmm PR’s Tessa was on the lookout for orange coloured inspo this month as she was attending a ‘bring a board’ party and her theme to follow was the colour orange! While collecting ideas to present on a tray including Aperol, Irn Bru, Wotsits and jelly, Tessa couldn’t help but look at what’s hot when it comes to orange interiors too!

The Listed Home has dedicated a whole blog post to the Pantone Tangerine colour. The vibrant shade is perfect for the summer months and we love the clothing and accessories that The Listed Home has picked out to match the trend. The blog post also details how to add the shade to your interior design including a dramatic accent wall, orange furniture and even a kitchen island!

Image: Martin Moore

Towards the end of the blog post, The Listed Home gives advice on how to pair Pantone Tangerine with other colours. We agree that it would look great amongst more neutral tones and we also love the idea of pairing it with deep greens or blues to create an energetic colour palette.

Do you have any orange interiors? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Dulux

Homes & Gardens – How to organise a bar cart – 7 steps for an efficient, tidy and aesthetically pleasing drinks trolley

Bar carts are not only a brilliant way to store and display your favourite tipples, especially if you’re hosting a dinner party with family or friends, but they can also help to make a stunning statement in your home too. We had no idea how much thought goes into creating a beautifully styled drinks trolley but we can honestly say that we’ve learnt a lot of great tips from reading this article!

In the article, Homes & Gardens explains the importance of choosing the right type of bar cart for your space. Drinks trolleys have grown in popularity over the past few years and there are lots of different varieties available to suit a range of decorating styles and budgets. Homes & Gardens then takes us through the organisation process, from which supplies to store on your bar cart, to the best positioning of each item, including where to store glasses, utensils and garnishes, to ensure everything is kept within easy reach.

Image: Future

The article also includes some fab tips when it comes to making the bar cart look super stylish too. For example, we love the idea of decorating a drinks trolley with accessories including vintage cocktail recipe books, unique coasters and a chalkboard cocktail menu.

Do you have a bar cart at home? If so, be sure to let us know your favourite drinks trolley organisation and decorating tips!


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25th August 2023


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