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This week brings some delicious pasta recipes to help you celebrate Veganuary and a simple way to be more sustainable when you sleep!

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Good Homes – 3 vegan pasta recipes for Veganuary

The start of a new year often brings with it a list of resolutions and, whether it’s cutting down on alcohol consumption, losing weight or to stop smoking, New Year’s resolutions tend to be focused around a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is particularly true when it comes to Veganuary, a campaign that invites people to commit to a plant-based diet throughout the month of January, and has significantly grown in popularity since its establishment in 2014.

While a vegan diet can be a great opportunity to introduce more foods such as fruit, vegetables, beans and pulses into your meals, it also benefits those that have environmental and animal welfare concerns. So whatever your reason for wanting to get involved in Veganuary in 2020, be sure to check out this article for some delicious, yet simple, pasta recipe ideas.

Often, when we think about going meat and dairy free, a salad comes to mind! However, proving that delicious pasta dishes can be enjoyed by vegans too, this article provides three protein-filled pasta recipes that are quick and simple to make. Whether you fancy a chickpea linguine, smoked tofu cannelloni or creamy pea pasta, these dishes are all perfect to warm you up on those cold, dark January nights. For the cheese lovers out there who can’t contemplate eating pasta without their favourite topping, the recipes incorporate various types of non-dairy cheese, disproving the myth that vegan meals are bland and tasteless.

Who knows, with food this good, you may even decide to continue Veganuary throughout the rest of 2020!

Image: Sainsbury’s Home

Ideal Home – Sleep more sustainably with Sainsbury’s newly launched bed linen

2020 is set to be the year of sustainability and what better way to start than by doing it while you sleep? Well, with Sainsbury’s brand new ‘Sleep More Sustainable’ bedding range you can rest easy knowing you’ve made an environmentally friendly change without a lot of fuss.

Designed for a comfortable night’s sleep, Sainsbury’s has decided to use recycled polyester fibres, which come from recycled plastic bottles, and before you think of crispy, plastic sheets, the bedding is super soft and extremely cosy! With approximately 48 recycled plastic bottles going into a double plain duvet set, the new bedding will do wonders for reducing plastic waste.

With an array of calming colours such as blush pink and dove grey, as well as lots of decorative patterns, the sets are available in single, double and king size. This means that anyone can help be more sustainable this year. What’s more, the bedding comes in a fabric bag, made from the same material, with a coconut button and is perfect for reusing in the future! We’ll definitely be having a trip to Sainsbury’s this weekend in a bid to be more eco-friendly!


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