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jmm PR’s Favourite Articles of the Week

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings a stylish bathroom makeover and some DIY ideas for the bank holiday.

Image: Malcolm Menzies

Real Homes – Real home: this bathroom sanctuary is a grown-up space to relax in

Hands up who else often feels uninspired when it comes to bathroom décor? An all-white colour scheme does have is benefits, however it can sometimes be difficult to find a balance between creating an airy, open and clean atmosphere, and one that just looks bland and clinical. So if, like us, you’re on the lookout for some tips and tricks on how to add style to your bathroom, while still ensuring that it is a tranquil and sophisticated place to relax, then make sure you check out this article.

Real Homes takes us on a tour of homeowner Nikki Edwards’ brand new bathroom, which was inspired by a desire to create a spa-like atmosphere. Nikki turned what was a bedroom prior to the renovation, into a stylish and spacious family bathroom, filled with stunning furniture, décor and accessories. As well as featuring brick walls, Moroccan-style tiles, a gorgeous freestanding bath and lots of storage in the shape of wicker baskets and a large drawer unit, this bathroom shows us exactly how to use a neutral palette, without looking bland or boring. Our favourite part of the room has to be the freestanding double sink unit, which perfectly complements the spa-like aesthetic and creates a stunning focal point.

So whether you are planning a bathroom renovation of your own, are looking for some tips and tricks on how to accessorise your space, or just want to have a glimpse into a gorgeous bathroom makeover, then this is the article for you. If you like room transformations as much as we do, then you’re bound to love it!

Image: Walls and Floors

Good Homes – 6 DIY jobs for the bank holiday weekend

With the bank holiday weekend coming up, combined with the fact we all have to stay inside, Good Homes has put together an article full of some easy DIY jobs you can do round the house! These six DIY jobs are the most searched for online, so why not join in?

From the jobs no one wants to do, like painting the floorboards to something a little more fun, such as creating a fire pit in the garden. Jobs such as removing mould from the walls and re-grouting the tiles also come into the top six. There is something in this article for everyone to keep themselves busy with over the weekend.

Here at jmm PR, we love the idea of creating a fire pit in the garden. With the weather being nicer and the nights lighter, what better way to spend the evening with loved ones after a long day of DIY! So, if you’re looking for something to do and love a bit of DIY then be sure to check out this Good Homes article.


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