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jmm PR’s Favourite Articles of the Week

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings wacky ideas for the bathroom of the future and some gallery wall inspiration that’s both stylish and unique.

Image: These Three Rooms

These Three Rooms – 7 wacky bathroom ideas that could one day be in our homes

It seems that all aspects of life are becoming more and more ‘smart’, as gadgets like Alexa, Hive and smart appliances make their way into our homes. This article from These Three Rooms brings seven wonderfully wacky ideas that may (or indeed may not) make their way into our bathrooms in the future!

The first concept is ‘the bathroom that monitors your health’, which seems like a good idea. It includes a bathtub that can measure heart and respiration rate, as well as body weight, body fat and body tempertaure. While this may seem useful, we’re not sure we would enjoy associating a relaxing bath with our health and fitness too often.

The second idea is the ‘bidet-bath’ and, we have to admit, we had a good chuckle at the image of this one! This concept combines a bidet, bathtub and also has a shower feature. The article mentions that this idea was submitted in 2012, so it doesn’t look like the world sees the benefit of such an invention just yet.

One idea we absolutely can get on-board with is the bathtub that massages your back! That concept sounds like just what we need when unwinding with a long soak. The ‘automatic shower room’ that uses sensors to wash and dry you also sounds like something we’d be willing to try!

We’re unsure whether any of these ideas will ever become a reality, but one thing we do know is that you should definitely give this article a read! It may inspire you to think of the next genius invention for the bathroom, and if not, it’s sure to make you smile.

Image: Paul Raeside

Livingetc – Stylish Gallery Wall Ideas

Here at jmm PR, we’re always lusting over gorgeous images of gallery walls on our Instagram feed, and some members of the team have even gone one step further and created picture displays in their own homes. In this article, Livingetc provides the ultimate inspiration gallery that’s packed to the brim with unique ideas, so it’s no wonder this feature made it into our ‘Favourite Articles of the Week’ blog post!

Installing a gallery wall is a perfect way to accessorise a space, whether in a bedroom, living room or hallway, or even in slightly more unusual rooms like the bathroom or kitchen. Thought gallery walls just comprise of prints or photographs? Think again! This article features a variety of new and creative ideas including using items such as hats, chopping boards, plates and even skulls (the jury’s still out on this one), to create a stylish and totally unique display.

Whether you decide to opt for a classic gallery wall with monochrome framed photography, or more unqiue alternatives like displaying framed letters to spell out a word or installing a vintage mirror display, Livingetc explains that constraint is key when it comes to creating a calm and cohesive scheme. So if you’re on the lookout for tips on how to accessorise your home using a gallery wall, then make sure you check out this article and prepare yourselves to be inspired!


Tessa and Steph

17th July 2020



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