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This week brings tips on organising your home for the New Year and DIY projects you can complete during lockdown.

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House & Garden – After the chaos of 2020, here’s how to get organised in 2021

The start of a new year often brings with it a list of goals, resolutions and the desire for a fresh start, particularly after the unexpectedly challenging year that was 2020. That’s why, now more than ever, we could all do with cleaning, decluttering and freshening up our homes, particularly as it looks like we will be continuing to spend more time at home in the coming months. In this article from House & Garden, professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn (yes that is a real job!) shares her top tips on getting organised at home, so if decluttering is on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2021, this article is a must read.

When it comes to the bedroom, according to this article, the best place to start is your wardrobe. Taking things out a section at a time, instead of pulling everything out at once, can be a great way of creating manageable and realistic goals for yourself. As for the kitchen, cleaning out your pantry and organising food tins, packets and jars is a great way of not only creating a more streamlined space, but it will help to reduce your food waste too. According to House & Garden, drawer dividers are a must-have throughout the entire house, perfect for organising underwear and socks in the bedroom, toiletries in the bathroom or that dreaded junk drawer in the kitchen (don’t worry, we all have one!).

Other handy tips and tricks in this article include using freestanding furniture in the bathroom to store bath towels and toiletries for a neat yet stylish look, sticking to a strict colour palette for a minimalistic and uniformed appearance and opting for open shelving to ensure items are easily accessible while making a stylish design statement too! So, if organising your home is on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2021, this article is a great place to start. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section which area of your house is most in need of a clear out!


Metro – Seven easy DIY home projects you can complete during lockdown

After a quiet Christmas and New Year, the news of another lockdown left us wondering what we are going to do to keep ourselves occupied over the next six weeks. Baking, Zoom quizzes and spending time in the garden took the nation by storm during the first lockdown, but if you are looking for something to really get your teeth stuck into this time around, why not try a DIY project?

This article from Metro highlights seven DIY projects that can easily be undertaken at home during this winter lockdown. Ideas include creating a gallery wall, adding open-shelving to your kitchen and upcycling a sideboard by sprucing it up with Art Deco.

For those of us that didn’t foresee working from home for this long and still haven’t made a proper office space, the article takes you through different steps to create the perfect home office. If you don’t have a dedicated spare room, it mentions how to allocate a small area of a room, perhaps the kitchen, and adding small touches to separate it from the rest of the area, to create your very own creative hub for working. The article also gives tips on the best lighting, seating and desks to make your home office as comfortable as possible.

Something that we have never thought of before is creating a DIY ‘window’. The article showcases a project that Leah Miller, a property developer and founder of LCM Home, undertook during a previous lockdown. She took a plain mirror with a black trim and added some MDF wood to creating the illusion of window panes. The result is very effective (pictured below) and Leah places it behind her desk at home to creating the feeling of more light and space.


Image: Leah Miller


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8th January 2021



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