KitchenAid has received the coveted Red Dot Design award for its Chef Touch™ Sous Vide cooking system. For the first time budding chefs at home will now be able to cook using the professional Sous Vide method.

KitchenAid’s Chef Touch™ earned the Red Dot Design Award for introducing a revolutionary product that brings Sous Vide cooking to the home, as a great concept, is innovative, and has outstanding design ergonomics, great aesthetics and value.

The Sous Vide cooking technique brings out all the flavours of every ingredient in the recipe, and to date has only been available to professional chefs. KitchenAid has brought it to the domestic kitchen, and as a result, this year has been awarded one of the most desirable international recognitions for industrial products available, the Red Dot Design Award.

Chef Touch™ Sous Vide is an exclusive cooking and preservation system of three appliances: a steam oven, a vacuum machine and a shock freezer that work together in perfect synergy for delicious result.
Sous vide cooking is a delicate high quality low temperature cooking method that unleashes culinary creativity. Fresh ingredients are vacuum-sealed in pouches and are cooked in a steam oven at temperatures not exceeding 100°C. Lower cooking temperatures and the vacuum seal preserve the water and the organoleptic elements naturally present in foods making dishes tender, juicy, full of colour and taste and healthier too. Fruit, fish, meat and vegetables all maintain their full flavour and natural succulence without ever drying out or becoming overcooked.

KitchenAid’s Chef Touch™ System will preserve the aromas and organoleptic properties, intact and unaltered, giving your palate the ultimate taste experience.


For more information on KitchenAid’s Chef Touch call 0800 988 1266.


Image captions: Premium manufacturer KitchenAid’s new Chef Touch™ Sous Vide cooking system wins the Red Dot Award for 2011.

8th June 2011

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