KitchenAid teams up with baker

With the nation in the grip of baking fervour, as cookery programmes gain record viewing figures and consumers experiment with different styles and flavours, aiming to impress friends and family, many are turning to dedicated schools for advice and expertise.

Perfect for those who wish to bake delicious bread and cakes, Maria Mayerhofer, a passionate and experienced chef originally from Denmark, has opened a London cookery school, The Baking Lab, using top of the range professional quality KitchenAid appliances.

The Baking Lab features three KitchenAid Twelix ovens, as well as several of KitchenAid’s iconic Stand Mixers. Maria chose KitchenAid appliances as they are domestic products that guarantee professional performance and exceptional results, and are ideal for teaching her students how to create delicious dishes with ease that can be replicated at home.

Bake with Maria was originally started in Maria’s own kitchen, where she taught groups of students how to make their own bread. These classes soon became so popular that a larger kitchen was needed, and Maria moved her school to The Baking Lab, in St. Johns Wood, London. Maria offers a variety of courses at her cooking school, with a focus on bread-making and baking, including a Macaroon Masterclass, French Pastry Class and Artisan Bread Baking.

Maria says: “I know I can always rely on KitchenAid as we share the same passion for perfectly prepared food. KitchenAid gives chefs and experts like me professional performance, full kitchen resources, durability and stylish design – everything we expect from an appliance!”

Juliana Sado, Brand Marketing Manager, KitchenAid, adds: “KitchenAid’s appliances are specifically developed with input from professional chefs and food technologists to ensure that they offer state of the art culinary techniques and allow the food-loving consumer to create restaurant-quality food in the comfort of their own home. This makes them the ideal choice for Maria’s cookery school, helping students to learn baking techniques that would rival any bakery!”

For more information on the KitchenAid Twelix ovens call KitchenAid on 0800 988 1266 or visit the website at for full specification.

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1. Maria Mayerhofer
2. KitchenAid Twelix oven

Editors’ notes:
KitchenAid is the luxury brand of the Whirlpool Group with a range of large appliances that stand out for their extensive functions, eye-catching design, sturdy construction and professional performance. Designed in co-operation with leading international chefs whose advice contributed to the creation of exclusive, professional functions, KitchenAid products are designed for ‘modern gourmets’ who have a real passion for cooking and see their appliances as essential tools.

Bake with Maria is held at The Baking Lab in St. Johns Wood, London. To find out more information about the classes available please call 07725 952724 or visit

23rd October 2012

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