KitchenAid wins 2010 iF product design award

KitchenAid, the luxury built-in brand, has won the prestigious International Forum Product Design Award 2010 (IF), in the household kitchen category for its innovative Shock Freezer.

The iF product design jury of leading international designers selected the 778 best projects from a total of 2,486 projects from 38 countries.  KitchenAid’s Shock Freezer was awarded the prize for design and ground-breaking technological content.

KitchenAid’s Shock Freezer brings revolutionary chilling and freezing technology to the home.  Previously only available in the commercial kitchen the Shock Freezer brings higher quality food preservation to the domestic kitchen. The appliance rapidly reduces the core temperature of food to +3°C chilling it to preserve flavour, smell, colour and texture.  Shock freezing is more dramatic and freezes the core temperature rapidly down to -18°C ensuring that the most delicate of foods are preserved without degenerating or changing their consistency, colour, flavour or nutritional content, especially following defrosting.  The sophisticated and neat design, coupled with ease of use, encapsulated in EasyClean stainless steel conveys succinctly the brand’s values of constant evolution and innovation.

Juliana Sado, Brand Marketing Manager, commented: “KitchenAid is an incredible innovative brand and without comparison! The product evolution is astounding and provides the gourmet consumer with the very best in food preparation for the home.

“We are extremely proud to have won the Product Design Award for 2010 and the accolade is further proof of how important it is to design beautiful, sophisticated and unique high tech appliances to meet the demands of the most savvy kitchen professionals.”

The KitchenAid Shock Freezer KRAB 6010 has a capacity of 37-litres. It blast chills (3°C) and freezes (-18°C) and also cools drinks extremely quickly too. Finished in EasyClean stainless steel with touch control display in blue, it is the ultimate for any aspiring home gourmet!

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Image caption: KitchenAid Shock Freezer winner of the prestigious International Forum Product Design Award 2010 (IF), in the household kitchen category.

10th May 2010

Editors’ notes:

KitchenAid is the luxury brand of the Whirlpool Group with a range of large appliances that stand out for their extensive functions, eye-catching design, sturdy construction and professional performance. Designed in co-operation with leading international chefs whose advice contributed to the creation of exclusive, professional functions, KitchenAid products are designed for ‘modern gourmets’ who have a real passion for cooking and see their appliances as essential tools.

iF Product Design Award

The iF Product Design Award is one of the most widely recognised international design awards. Established in Hannover in 1953 the independent iF Industrie Forum Design e.V. organisation aims to raise public awareness of design-related issues and support the relationship between design and industry. For more information on the iF Product Design Award 2020 visit

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