KitchenAid’s mixed technology flush-fit hob offers the best of both worlds

The streamlined flush-fit aesthetic continues to be extremely popular with consumers, but it is important that the appliance is as professional as the appearance. This is a particularly pertinent point in the crowded hobs market where ‘me too’ products abound.

Luxury manufacturer KitchenAid’s 90cm flush-fit, mixed technology, KHMF 9010 is instantly recognisable as a product of the highest quality, with its grand cuisine cast iron grills and its solid ergonomic controls with built-in electronic ignition. The looks of this excellent hob do not deceive. It is a masterpiece of flexibility and reliability, housing intelligent functions for precisely accurate cooking results.

The cooking options offer the best of both worlds, bringing together the precision of induction cooking and the real flame and drama of gas. There are two induction zones and three professional gas burners.

Induction cooking, held back for so long because of its prohibitive price, is finally coming into its own. It is almost certainly the most economic and energy efficient method of hob cooking, estimated to be 40% faster than gas and 25% more efficient. It is very fast, has a very rapid power increase, optimised temperature and adjustment to within half a degree.

KitchenAid’s induction zones are instantly controllable and very efficient because the energy transfer ceases as soon as the pan is removed from the surface. Energy is saved because heat is only generated through the area that is touching the pan. Controllability is far more precise with an induction hob, which is among the safest products on the market.

Caroline Guillermard, Product Marketing Manager, Premium, for KitchenAid, says: “KitchenAid hobs are very special hobs indeed, built to the highest standard for longevity and equipped with top notch, professional technology. The rock solid build of our KHMF 9010 speaks volumes for its durability, but it is also a dream to operate with the wonders of induction and the great advantages of gas.”

Key features and benefits of the KitchenAid KHMF 9010 Flush-Fit Hob:

  • Built-in 90cm hob with seamless flush fit
  • Flexibility of two induction zones and three double crown professional gas burners
  • Exceptional and distinct design includes full surface, robust, cast iron grills
  • Anti-spillage system
  • Solid, ergonomic controls with built-in electronic ignition
  • Wok adapter for the Super Power gas burners, each 4.2kW
  • Vitroceramic and stainless steel surface
  • Residual heat indicator for induction zones
  • Timer and auto switch-off control for induction zones
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 95.5 x 860 x 510 mm

For more information on KitchenAid’s KHMF 9010 Flush-Fit mixed technology hob and other appliances in the company’s range, call your Regional Business Manager or KitchenAid on 0800 988 1266 or visit the website at for full specification.


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KitchenAid’s 90cm flush-fit KHMF 9010 hob is instantly recognisable as a product of the highest quality with its Grand Cuisine cast iron grills and its solid ergonomic touch controls with built-in electronic ignition.

6th January 2011

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