KitchenAid’s Twelix oven is ideal for the passionate gourmet

KitchenAid, the premium manufacturer renowned for its appliances that combine professional performance with stylish design, offers the cooking enthusiast the Twelix™ oven, to create exceptional results in the domestic kitchen.

KitchenAid’s Twelix™ oven has an exclusive convection system which features two independent semi-circular heating elements alongside an enhanced internal design; these radically improve the airflow and heat distribution in the oven cavity, offering the consumer quality cooking in their own home.

The ‘A’ energy rated Twelix™ oven boasts a generous 73-litre capacity and allows the user to cook three separate dishes on three shelf levels at the same time, without the transfer of flavours or aromas, perfect for the home entertainer. The Twelix™ oven also features KitchenAid’s Tweli-grill and Tweli-base cooking functions.

The Tweli-grill function offers enhanced grilling capacity as additional hot air is evenly distributed in the cavity whilst grilling, boasting even cooking results as well as the possibility to grill on two levels simultaneously. The Tweli-base function ensures perfect cooking and even browning of the underside of the dish, for deliciously crispy results.

Simona Bara, Product Marketing Manager, Built-in, for KitchenAid, says: “KitchenAid’s Twelix™ oven has been designed with the help of expert chefs to provide professional performance at home, making it the ideal oven for the cooking enthusiast and home entertainer.

“The oven offers a variety of advanced features to meet each consumer’s unique cooking needs; you can see it has been crafted with passion and great attention paid to every detail.”

Key features and benefits of the KitchenAid Twelix™ single oven:
• Unique multi-function oven with Twelix™ convection system featuring two independent semi-circular heating elements that can be operated independently
• An enhanced internal design with rear baffle, Twelix™ technology radically improves airflow and heat distribution
• ‘A’ energy rated, 73-litre capacity with multi-level cooking for 40 per cent more capacity
• Faster pre-heating and up to 10 per cent energy savings
• 33 electronic, sensor controlled cooking modes
• Tweli-grill offers enhanced grilling with additional hot air evenly distributed in the cavity for grilling on two levels simultaneously
• Tweli-base for perfect cooking and browning of the base of a dish for a perfectly cooked base on fruit flans/pies and pizza for example
• 23 professional functions including pastry and roasting:
o 5 roasting – beef, poultry, veal, pork etc.
o 5 pastry –croissant, sponge, fruit pies and tarts, flawless shortbread
o 6 bakery functions – traditional to fancy breads, pizza, focaccia and breadsticks
o 7 traditional functions
• Ten special functions – defrosting, dough raising, drying fruit and vegetables, yoghurt preparation, slow cooking and warming.
• Five telescopic shelf levels for added convenience
• Pyrolytic cleaning equipped with four layered ventilated cool glass door
• Styled in Easy Clean stainless steel in KitchenAid’s renowned Pro Aesthetic design with classic controls and curved handle, blue LCD electronic control and screen for a professional look
• Dimensions H x W x D: 595 x 595 x 567 mm

For more information on KitchenAid’s Twelix™ oven call your Account Manager or KitchenAid on 0800 988 1266, or visit the website at for full specification.


Image caption: KitchenAid’s built-in Twelix™ oven offering professional performance in the domestic kitchen

8th August 2012

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