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Lighter Kitchens and Bathroom Makeovers

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week offers tips on bringing light to a dark kitchen and a stunning bathroom makeover that’s filled with colour.

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Homes & Gardens – 10 easy tricks experts use to brighten a dark kitchen

 Cooking can be particularly difficult in a dark and dreary kitchen. Not all kitchens have the benefit of a large, south-facing window (see here for the best window replacement company), but this article by Homes & Gardens has some handy tips for brightening up a naturally dark kitchen.

Although you can’t make your window bigger, unless you’re willing to reconstruct your house, you can make it appear larger by removing any window coverings. Although this will take away the privacy of the kitchen, it will ensure any light can get through the window without anything getting in the way. And if kitchen privacy is important to you, you can always try window frosting as recommended in our blog on window styling.

You can also open up your kitchen by fitting display cabinets, with glass doors, to store your crockery. Ensure that you choose responsible cabinet services like Gamma Cabinetry in this case. In fact, keeping furniture to a minimum is also a good option; by removing unessential cabinets, you are freeing up space and letting in more light. That being said, if you have a darker flooring, it is best to cover this up with lighter-coloured furniture and appliances. Opting for freestanding furniture units, with legs, is the best option as being able to see underneath the furniture creates an illusion of space.

The right choice of windows, as suggested at Valley Shades website, is necessary for an airy kitchen. A lighter, airy kitchen atmosphere can also be gained through clever colour choices. By keeping the darker colours closer to the ground, such as for cabinets, the upper part of the kitchen will feel brighter. And if you really want your cabinets to be a darker colour, you can balance this out with white worktops. This is one option; another is to use more neutral tones throughout the kitchen, such as nude shades, accompanied with stone or wood for added texture.

Do you have any tips on brightening up your kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

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YourHomeStyle – Bathroom makeover: ‘My pink and green bathroom brings me joy’

Regular readers of our Favourite Articles of the Week blog posts will know that we love home makeovers, particularly when a space is transformed from dull, and uninspiring, to bright and colourful. This article from YourHomeStyle takes us on a tour of a stylish bathroom makeover from a family home in Dunfermline, and we promise it will leave you planning a bathroom renovation of your own!

When we first spotted this article, we instantly fell in love with the stunning colour scheme. The bathroom, which originally had brown walls, beige tiles that had been tiled over twice, was transformed into a vibrant space with pink walls, light green panelling and colourful tiles. The homeowner Heather, who also shares stunning pictures of her home via her Instagram account @heatherrosieolivehome, wanted the space to “feel special and luxurious, as well as practical for the family”. To achieve this, she opted for a gorgeous freestanding bathtub and stunning brushed brass fittings, which help to give the room a contemporary, spa-like feel.

The abstract tiles, within the shower cubicle, help to separate it from the rest of the space, and the beautiful pink and blue hexagon-shaped floor tiles to perfectly complement the pastel-coloured walls. Our favourite aspect of the makeover (except for the beautiful colour scheme of course) is the way the bathroom has been accessorised to perfection, with a variety of plants, artwork and cute decorative pieces, as well as a stylish bamboo shelving unit that provides a place to store toiletries and ornaments.

What are your thoughts on the pink and green colour scheme used in this bathroom transformation? We would love to hear if and how you incorporate pastel shades in your bathroom décor too! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section.


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25th June 2021

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