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We all yearn for the perfect, uncluttered modern kitchen that we see in glossy pictures and lifestyle TV programmes. But in the everyday living of life, it doesn’t always work out that way. Our nice worktops soon fill up with numerous accessories, crumbs and other mysterious little bits and pieces that just seem to materialise out of nowhere.

You might think that the addition of two more products to the kitchen would only add to the confusion, but InSinkErator® doesn’t do ordinary products. The company has carved a valuable niche for itself in the market with two exceptional product lines that not only free up valuable space with greater style and efficiency, but also make a valuable contribution to our precious environment.

InSinkErator® is the inventor and global leader in food waste disposers, as well as being a major player in steaming hot water taps, and each product line brings a multitude of selling points to the table. Now pause to consider how often we are inconvenienced by messy food waste, inefficient taps and energy hungry kettles.

It is a chilling fact that food waste accounts for about 20% of all household rubbish. With an InSinkErator® disposer, food waste is dealt with hygienically and instantly and can be used to create biosolids or biogas as part of a modern waste management approach. When recycled the material can be used as a power source, soil conditioner or fertiliser…and so the cycle begins again. And, of course, this highly efficient product also eliminates the time consuming and unpleasant task of sorting out and binning all the left-overs.

InSinkErator’s range of top quality steaming hot water taps, which provide instant hot water, are also convenient and super-efficient. In the UK, millions of litres of water are wasted every day as we wait for hot water to reach our taps from an often distant source. In some large apartment blocks, water often needs to make its journey through up to 50 metres of pipe.

With an InSinkErator® steaming hot water tap, hot water is available on demand and this immediate availability means little to no water waste. There are many other advantages too. Cooking utensils can be cleaned on an efficient, one-off basis, while instant foods, tea, coffee and hot beverages requiring hot water can be prepared without the need to heat water in a kettle, on a hob or in a microwave oven.

Ashley Munden, InSinkErator® Managing Director, Europe says: “At InSinkErator® we are constantly looking to improve the lifestyle of our customers. That means saving them time and space in the kitchen and producing a more streamlined and efficient space to work in. There is also the satisfaction of knowing that these excellent products are also saving valuable resources and aiding the environment around us.”

For stockists of InSinkErator® products visit the company website or call 01923 297 880.


Image caption: Food waste disposers and steaming hot water taps from InSinkErator® are a boon for freeing up valuable kitchen space and protecting our natural resources.

14th March 2013


About InSinkErator®:
InSinkErator® UK, a business unit of Emerson, is the UK and world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and the clear global market leader. Food waste disposers divert around 20 per cent of household waste away from landfill and have been shown to have a smaller carbon footprint than kerbside collection. In 2007 InSinkErator® launched a brand new product, the Steaming Hot Water Tap, which delivers 98 degree centigrade, filtered, hot water on demand. National retailers of InSinkErator® products include John Lewis, Magnet, B&Q and Plumb Centre. Products are also widely available from most independent kitchen retailers across the UK.

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