One of the most resilient and enduring appliances in any kitchen, the tumble dryer, needs to be tough and gentle in equal measures, and Maytag’s top quality range of 600mm tumble dryers provides us with a refreshing reminder of what the able and versatile modern tumble dryer can do.

Never the sexiest of appliances in times gone by, tumble dryers have now joined the makeover club with both aesthetic and technological advances that have set them on a new plane. With its traditional attention to detail, Maytag has crafted a range of condenser tumble dryers which look superb and glide smoothly and economically through their programme cycles.

Maytag’s have many excellent features including a unique ‘butterfly’ drying action, which goes beyond competitive systems in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, reducing creasing and the need for ironing. The ‘figure of eight’ butterfly action moves the clothes around gently, non-stop and in less time without bundling. The method also places less strain on the machine’s belt and drive system for reliability and longevity.

The fresh air, dried feel of the clothes is produced by a comprehensive range of Auto Dry programmes coupled with the company’s SensiDry sensor drying programme for even and excellent drying results every time.  Additionally, the clever aspect of the Auto Dry and SensiDry programmes is that they employ intelligent sensors within the dryer to adapt the drying programme in order to optimise the energy and time efficiency.

As with all Maytag appliances, the tumble dryers are superbly constructed from the highest quality materials. The three-model range is headed by the integrated MTD 07SCIIA built and finished in stainless steel, which features the company’s smart Electronic Line Series LCD display.  Complementing the product line-up are two freestanding models, the MTD 07SCFIB, available in stainless steel and the MTD 07SCFIC in a choice of stainless steel or gloss black.

Caroline Guillermard, Product Marketing Manager, Premium, says: “The beauty of Maytag’s tumble dryers is their ability to sparkle as stand-alone products or blend seamlessly into the Maytag laundry room concept. This is where a specific room or area of the home is created for all washing needs.

“We offer a top quality range of products for all washing solutions, including washers, tumble dryers, drying cabinets and a great range of ‘hidden helpers’ such as ironing boards, pedestal drawers, laundry care baskets and sorting units.”

Key features of the Maytag condenser tumble dryer range:

  • Choice of integrated or freestanding condenser tumble dryers with 7kg capacity and 112-litre drum
  • Exclusively designed for Maytag laundry room concept or can stand alone as independent products
  • Clever ‘butterfly’ non-stop drying action prevents clothes bundling for even drying, faster results and greater machine reliability and longevity
  • Auto Dry and SensiDry sensor drying programmes ensure optimum time and energy usage, and even drying results
  • Auto jeans programme dries jeans in a special cycle
  • Auto synthetic programme sets ideal lower temperature and drying times for synthetics
  • Airing programme for quick freshening without using heat
  • Anti-crease option to reduce ironing
  • Easy-to-remove double lint filters and easy clean condenser fan
  • Built to professional standards with stainless steel drum, ball bearing suspension and high quality motor
  • Delayed start to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs
  • Very low noise level of just 46dB
  • Energy ratings of ‘B’ and ‘C’

For more information on Maytag’s range of condenser tumble dryers and other appliances in the company’s range, call your Regional Business Manager or Maytag UK on 0844 499 0101 for full specification.


Image caption: The MTD 07SCFIB integrated condenser dryer, one of the exciting range of tumble dryers from top quality manufacturer Maytag.

24th November 2010

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